Billionaire Token

Billionaire Token

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The first super-deflationary, gambling oriented coin

“Welcome to the Billionaire’s Club, reader! This is a non-elitist but exclusive club where you will be
rewarded with the thrills and chills of gambling and the safety and assurance that blockchain crypto
technology brings to the table: accountability, traceability and security.
The Coin (Billionaire Token), at the moment based on the ERC-20 standard (improved by Billionaire
Token technicians) is made available over the Ethereum blockchain and will offer its users the
opportunity to enjoy gambling while assuring that the value – from an investment point of view – will
always be growing. We plan on moving the whole platform over to the EOS network as soon as the main
net is available (hopefully this will happen in Summer 2018). Running on EOS, the Billionaire Token
games can become thousands of times faster and easier to use”


Ends in: TBD

Use of Token

  • Organization Billionaire Token
  • Social
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Coin Type App Token
  • CategoryGambling
  • Accepted Currency
  • Website

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    Pascal Meers

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