Decentralized Infrastructure for Data Sharing

“Lumeos is a decentralized data sharing platform where the access and the privacy of the user data are fully controlled by the user. Lumeos is built on the EOS blockchain allowing custom permissions. Social data is encrypted using a user-generated private key, sits in the user account on the blockchain, and can be shared with multiple users free or in exchange for Lumeos utility tokens (LUME).”


Lumeos Use of Token

● EOS random airdrop 1% of total tokens (10M tokens) ● First 1000 users who signup get 2% of total tokens (20M LUME tokens) ○ 20,000 LUME tokens each ● Next 4000 users who signup get 2% of total tokens (20M LUME tokens) ○ 5,000 LUME tokens each ● Next 10000 users who signup get 2% of total tokens (20M LUME tokens) ○ 2000 LUME tokens each ● Next 50,000 users who signup get 2% of total tokens (20M LUME tokens) ○ 400 LUME tokens each

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    Utility Token

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Lumeos Token Sale Stages

Lumeos Team

  • Ali Ayyash
    Ali Ayyash Founder & CEO
  • Anna Lansfjord
    Anna Lansfjord COO
  • Rick Koleta
    Rick Koleta CMO
  • Katya Akudovich
    Katya Akudovich Head of Business Development
  • Mike Lin
    Mike Lin Head of product
  • Fred Madrid
    Fred Madrid Lead designer
  • Kedar Iyer
    Kedar Iyer Advisor
  • Min Kim
    Min Kim Advisor
  • Zeev Kirsh
    Zeev Kirsh Advisor
  • Dmitry Chirun
    Dmitry Chirun Advisor

Lumeos Past Events

    Lumeos Future Events

    • 30 September, 2018

      Patent filing of lumeos meta data vault. Polling mobile dApp beta release. 1000+ beta tester

    • 31 December, 2018

      dApp goes live on app store. lumeos runs an EOS airdrop. Launch UX research polls with 10 playing companies. Lumeos metadata vault goes on testnet. 10,000 Users

    • 30 June, 2019

      Launch college ambassador program. Lumeos metadata vault goes on mainnet. 100,000 Users

    • 31 December, 2019

      Metadata vault import Facebook & Google history. Web SDK goes live for developers to integrate with. 1,000,000 Users

    • 30 June, 2020

      Launch Lumeos DMP. Further expansion and growth. Support for multiple blockchains. 10,000,000 users