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The Decentralized Question & Answers Platform

“QOQO is the first decentralized question and answer platform, based on the EOS network. The platform creates a unique and simple experience for users to capitalize on their curiosity, knowledge and insights. QOQO is the first question and answer platform to return value to where it truly belongs, the users. Our goal is to facilitate a platform that allows for knowledge to be treated as a social commodity, that is best shared through a conversational style, accompanied by context. Users will come to the platform to get rewarded for providing meaningful value to the community, whether it be through asking questions, posting answers, reviewing the quality of content(through upvotes and downvotes) and participating in community reviews focused on the further advancement of QOQO.”


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Use of Token

  • Organization QOQO
  • Social
  • Platform EOS
  • Coin Type App Token
  • CategorySocial
  • Accepted Currency
  • Website

Token Sale Stages

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