Multi-cryptocurrency service platform

Worbli is a platform that aims at minimizing the barriers of entry to the world of the blockchain technology to both users and developers. Via Worbli’s platform, users will be able tp store. sell, buy, and exchange any form of cryptocurrency using a single account. Also, users will be able to connect their accounts to any existing cryptocurrency platform. Via Worbli, users will be able to access Dapps built on EOS’s blockchain.

WORBLI Use of Token

Currently, the talk in blockchain is that “an AirDrop is the new ICO”. WORBLI is utilising something similar to an Airdrop, called a ShareDrop. Sharedrops are similar to conventional airdrops, whereby token holders (in this case, all EOS holders) will be dropped WORBLI tokens. The only difference is that WORBLI is an independent blockchain, so ShareDrop participants will need to claim their tokens through establishing a WORBLI user account, as opposed to the tokens appearing in existing EOS wallets. ShareDrops are the first phase in our compliant and self-sustaining funding mechanism for the start-up and operations of our blockchain. Through utilisation of aligned partners for token creation/distribution, and having a working blockchain (product) the token serves as a utility on the WORBLI blockchain and remains in total compliance with applicable securities laws.

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    Utility Token

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    • ETH
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WORBLI Token Sale Stages


  • Domenic Thomas
    Domenic Thomas CEO
  • Craig Kellogg
    Craig Kellogg COO
  • Robert Dewilder
    Robert Dewilder CTO
  • Laura Magnano
    Laura Magnano Head of Marketing
  • Samuel Russell
    Samuel Russell EVP Strategy & Partnerships
  • Charlie Wapshott
    Charlie Wapshott VP Investor Relations
  • Timothy Brown
    Timothy Brown Blockchain Applications Adviser
  • David Packham
    David Packham EOS and Board Advisor
  • Gideon Hornung
    Gideon Hornung Marketing & Product Advisor
  • Branden Espinoza
    Branden Espinoza Compliance and Governance Advisor

WORBLI Past Events

  • 30 June, 2018

    • Help launch EOS main net in preparation for starting WORBLI’s Network • Seek additional funding through private investment sources • Finalize strategic, marketing and operational plans

WORBLI Future Events

  • 30 September, 2018

    • Recruit and hire additional technical, business and administrative team members • Commence Network Launch and ShareDrop marketing and content campaigns • Launch WORBLI, the EOS Friendly (soft) Fork • Conduct WORBLI Network ShareDrop • List WORBLI’s (WBI) Token on multiple digital asset exchanges • Seek additional funding to support WORBLI’s Network and the development of the Gamma Bank MVP • Confirm Block Producers & Block Producer Back Ups

  • 31 December, 2018

    • Add additional Block Producers to Worbli Network • Add AML/KYC verification to WORBLI user accounts. • Publish WORBLI Network governance processes and engage WORBLI community in ongoing governance efforts • Pursue additional strategic partnerships with digital currency exchanges • Facilitate the launch of dApps on WORBLI • Build Gamma Bank MVP • Incorporate WORBLI Foundation in a favourable regulatory environment (Switzerland, Bermuda, Malta, Panama, Singapore) • Commence lobbying efforts and developing relationships with US governance bodies (SEC, IRS, Federal Reserve, OCC)

  • 1 January, 2019

    • Test Gamma Bank MVP • Continue recruiting and hiring for WORBLI team • Hire world class executive team to develop and launch Gamma Bank • Secure global correspondent banking relationships • Begin development and support of additional applications to be developed and deployed on WORBLI • Develop long-term strategic, financial and marketing plans • Launch Gamma Bank in global markets (Africa, Latin America, Australia and Europe) • Ramp up global marketing efforts • Develop correspondent banking relationships in the US • Alternative Product Development on WORBLI. Insurance, DEX’s and more are in the pipeline to be developed.