Gintautas Scerbavicius, CTO at HODL Finance

Gintautas Scerbavicius, MBA, spent over 10 years at IBM. Led the global Financial, Cognitive, and Analytics projects based on IBM Watson technology for multiple Fortune 500 companies across 6 continents. Gintautas Scerbavicius is currently the CTO at HODL Finance, the European digital lending company.

  • 5 questions to Aaron Brown

    5 questions to Aaron Brown

    There are almost unlimited potential uses of cryptocurrencies: fat protocols, incentivized collective action, work sharing. Anything people now give away for free - open source code, blogs, videos - could benefit from the right currency enhancement.
  • The side effect of AML - market recovery?

    The side effect of AML - market recovery?

    The greatest difference between traditional and crypto AML is technological. Unlike the traditional financial sector, compliance officers can track almost the whole history of cryptocurrency movement. In this respect, blockchain is an important source of data for a compliance officer that the traditional financial sector fails to deliver.