Mitch Rankin Mitch Rankin

20+ years’ experience in business, commerce and marketing, Co-Founder and CEO of English Forward, Mitch, is passionate about education. He's an entrepreneur who wanted to get involved in a business that could make a positive impact on humanity. The value of what English Forward can bring to the those who want to learn English was the number one motivation for making the acquisition of English Forums (now English Forward), the Internet's largest Q & A, and online English learners’ community, which has served over 250 million users.

  • Is learning a language a privilege?

    Is learning a language a privilege?

    English was not always the language of science, of medicine, of business, but at this particular point in our history as humans, English is the de facto language, or lingua franca, of choice, and we see billions of dollars going into educating people in the English language.