Cointelligence and the University of Nicosia enter a partnership to further educate the masses about crypto and blockchain technologies

The partnership will expand the reach of Cointelligence in its mission to educate students and the general public about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

7 February, 2019 - London -- Cointelligence (, a company that conducts data research and analysis for the crypto economy and creates relevant tools for investors, announced today its partnership with the University of Nicosia ( via the Institute For the Future (IFF) - the university’s cross-disciplinary research institute. The company aims to further the education of the masses with regards to cryptocurrency and the blockchain. The partnership became official today and exciting collaborations are on the way.

Cointelligence believes that knowledge is power and the more people understand crypto and blockchain, the more powerful and mainstream it will become. The University of Nicosia is the first university to offer a Master of Science (MSc) degree in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, accept Bitcoin payments for tuition fees and to publish academic diplomas on the bitcoin blockchain. In addition, it is one of the first accredited institutions of higher education to offer professional and academic training to more than 30,000 students and businesses. The partnership with the university will result in exciting new content.

New content will include monthly guest blog posts by faculty members and students at the University of Nicosia, monthly webinars, and inside looks at the MSc classes. The Cointelligence team will also be providing guest lectures for MSc students, including lectures by Cointelligence CEO & founder, On Yavin, and Cointelligence CSO, Hosam Mazawi. Additionally,  Cointelligence will be assisting the University of Nicosia with the recruitment of researchers and developers working in the blockchain space. In the future, the partnership may lead to joint events and workshops in London as well as special research reports.

To find out more, visit the Cointelligence website ( and the University of Nicosia website (

About Cointelligence

Cointelligence conducts data research and analysis for the crypto economy. They provide relevant tools for investors, namely an impartial and accurate ICO/STO listing and rating system, and a crypto exchange rating system. While it is possible to find huge amounts of data widely available to the public, collecting everything and taking only what you need is not an easy task. Cointelligence was created to bridge this information gap in the crypto economy. It is a market maker, focused on bringing blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the masses through the use of fundamental economics, real-time market data, and great industry coverage.

About University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is the largest university in Cyprus and the largest in Southern Europe that teaches primarily in English, with more than 12,000 students from over 70 countries, a diverse community of faculty and staff, and an expanding worldwide network. UNIC is driving educational innovation in the wider region, with activities like our dynamic global initiative in blockchain technology and centres of excellence in medicine and online/distance learning. UNIC is ranked among the top 100 universities in the Emerging Europe and Central Asia Region for 2019 by QS World University Rankings.

University of Nicosia(UNIC) supports the operations of its cross-disciplinary research institute - the Institute For the Future (IFF). IFF pursues world-class research and education at the intersection of exponential technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence and augmented/virtual reality. IFF hosts more than 40 faculty, researchers and support staff from UNIC and partner institutions and, among other activities, runs the world’s first full academic program in blockchain education since 2014 (MSc in Digital Currency,, hosts a large number of research projects funded by the European Commission and industry, and organizes Europe’s premier annual business blockchain and crypto-currency conference (Decentralized,

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