AWS Blockchain Day

  • Start date

    07 February' 19
  • End date

    07 February' 19
  • Location

    Tel Aviv, Israel


09:30-10:30: Fully Managed Blockchain Services – Dr. Darin Briskman – AWS Chief Technical Evangelist for Database, Analytics, Machine Learning & Blockchain
• Join Dr. Darin Briskman to find out Amazon’s vision to help people worldwide easily build scalable Blockchain solutions with Hyperledger, Etherium, Quantum and beyond.


10:30-11:00: Blockchain as a Decentralized Database & Business advantages of decentralization – Eyal Herzog – Founder of Bancor
• Why the internet survived while proprietary data communication networks didn’t, and how does that apply to Blockchain and proprietary information stores such as Google and Facebook.
• Storing information has costs. It requires the allocation of physical matter. This talk will explore the role of cryptocurrencies in powering Blockchain protocols and Cryptonetworks


11:00-11:30: Digital securities and tokenized assets – opportunities and challenges – Yotam Amichay – CEO of Hilltop
• What are smart securities and the difference between ICOs and SSO?
• Benefits of smart securities
• State of the market – segments of the ecosystem.
• Challenges to overcome – regularity and technical


11:30-12:00: Wallets are the Key – Hazards of Keys Management and Paths to a Solution – Oded Leiba – Engineer at Kzen and led Blockchain research project at Ben-Gurion University
• Overview of the half-tragic half-comic stories of funds being stolen and lost due to vulnerabilities and attacks on managed private keys, throughout a decade of Bitcoin.
What can we learn from them and what solutions are out there to balance UX and security in a meaningful way?
• One solution offered by KZen Network towards a simple and secure cryptocurrency wallet designed on AWS


12:00-12:45: Startups/Venture Capital Briefing – Blockchain – Jeff Hasselman – AWS Venture Capital & Blockchain Business Development
• This session will provide AWS’ perspective on current global Blockchain trends for startups and venture capital ecosystem including funding, geo insights, Blockchain frameworks, talent, and how AWS is supporting our customers


12:45-14:00 Lunch


Amazon Managed Blockchain And Ledger Workshop

Create and use you own Blockchain network and Ledger database in this hands-on workshop. You will need a laptop with a Firefox or Chrome browser. AWS accounts will be provided for you to use at the workshop.