Blockchain Day

  • Start date

    10 October' 18
  • End date

    10 October' 18
  • Location


Foundations of Blockchain and its Mass Adoption

Getting protocols and frameworks right is critical to advancing the crypto ecosystem. What’s still missing and how can we connect all parts to function seamlessly as a whole to drive mass adoption?

Know your costumer through blockchain (KYC)

Banks, commerce, and governments are adhering to Blockchain-KYC. This digital passport reduces costs, optimizes time and increases trust through the use of a ‘trusted gatekeeper’.

The Cold Hard Truth Behind ICOs

Nothing ventured, nothing gained: ICO veterans reveal their roadmap to success. Full breakdown of key marketing, legal and development aspects critical to any ICO. Our speakers will also touch on regulation.

Smart Contracts and Traceability

Blockchain is being applied on supply chains. Tracking systems guarantee product quality, reduces costs and processing times, and gives legitimacy.

Using Blockchain in Real Case Scenarios

Of all ICOs and coins being launched, how many actually make it to the next stage? Learn which industries have accomplished this feat and made it to phase 2.

Industries transformed by blockchain

Round table with industries that successfully implemented blockchain. 2 speakers from the gaming and cloud storage service sectors will talk about the challenges, the process and the benefits.