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Learn to Trade Forex & Crypto

Date:2019-01-22 - 2019-01-22 Location:Manchester, UK Website:


Experience a unique opportunity to experience a mentorship programme that will allow you to enter into a $5.3 Trillion a day industry. See how you can learn to become financially independant. THIS IS NOT a Forex Training Session but rather an opportunity to see our educational platform and tools we offer help you Learn & Earn in the Forex & Crypto Market’s.

What will you learn:

  • Forex – what is it?
  • Who is FOREX for?
  • What is a trade and how you make one
  • What training is available for you
  • How to trade responsibly
  • How to build a business that you can operate from your phone and laptop

…and much much more

Here, you can learn how to multiply your money and make a profit from your mobile smart phone.