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  • The London Family Office & High Net Worth Blockchain Conference

The London Family Office & High Net Worth Blockchain Conference

  • Start date

    04 October' 18
  • End date

    04 October' 18
  • Location

    London, UK

We are proud to present the first European Blockchain & Cryptocurrency conference, October 4th, at the Dartmouth Club in Mayfair, London.

The conference will commence at 9am and end approximately at 4pm followed by a cocktail reception hosted by Hambro Perks.

The Blockchain industry is experiencing one of its most challenging periods in its short existence. The once, much hyped, panacea for all, has been humbled by the sharp correction that followed the ICO madness of 2017. There is a clear decline in public interest and crisis of faith by many in the industry itself. Many questions have arisen about the general future and purpose of Blockchain tech, from Satoshi’s vision, to its current volatile state and the cryptocurrencies real utilities, besides being, essentially, gambling tools.  There are questions to be asked, and discussed, at our event such as:

Is the Blockchain industry emulating the same pattern as the dotcom tech bubble?

  • Will the Blockchain tech still deliver the world changing solutions it once promised or has it been overhyped and in actuality years away from delivering mass market adoption?
  • Is this current correction, just a stumbling block, in a maturing emerging market space?
  • Will corporates embrace and invest in the ecosystem via the introduction of Security tokens?
  • Will the market correction clear the path for the better elements?