The fundraising landscape in a tokenised world

  • Start date

    14 March' 19
  • End date

    14 March' 19
  • Location

    London, UK

For decades equity fundraising had been predominantly controlled by venture capital and specialist business angels. The emergence of equity crowdfunding platforms such as Seedrs and Crowdcube gave the ‘everyday investor’ a chance to find companies they were interested to invest in, rather than being locked into pre-determined assets by their fund managers – if they could afford to access those funds at all. Retail investors are now discovering what VC has known for years – investing in early stage companies is a risky business, and there is no guarantee of an exit or any market for their shares. Historically most equity-funded companies fail to list on a pubic market.

The emergence of Security Token Offerings and 24 hour tokenised security secondary markets are now starting to re-open the discussion to how different types of companies could raise capital in their early stages.

Lewis Silkin and TokenMarket would like to invite those who wish to gain a greater understanding on how the emergence of blockchain technology is transforming the way early stage companies are fundraising to join us for complimentary drinks and discussion at Lewis Silkin’s London office.