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  • Tokenizing Real Estate on Blockchain (Virtual Conference)

Tokenizing Real Estate on Blockchain (Virtual Conference)

  • Start date

    25 March '20
  • End date

    25 March '20
  • Location

Tokenizing real estate and security tokens offer a solid opportunity, with all the features you love (decentralization, access, etc.) without the instability and scams of the ICOs. 

Real estate tokenization transforms an illiquid asset (the property) into a liquid one. At the end of the process, the asset is still there and so is its value.
Our experts, On Yavin, Stefano Tresca and Alpesh Doshi will explain in details how to use these tools for your business and investments. (NO coding, NO academic lesson)
This is a real conference and networking event, just happening in a virtual space. You can join other participants on virtual tables, talk to them and move to another table when you like as you usually do in a face-to-face event.