Unblock Scalability Summit

  • Start date

    08 March '19
  • End date

    10 March '19
  • Location

    Irving, TX
Unblock Scalability is an international conference focused on scaling technology and innovation. With 2000 attendees and 80+ industry experts expected, Unblock Scalability will showcase the impact of AI, Iot, and blockchain technology as it relates to business and finance. We will feature topics on blockchain industry solutions, supply chain management, investing regulations, STOs, education, healthcare, environmental, legal, insurance, real estate, and STEM programs.

Our Summit recognizes the importance of women, and how they directly affect the next generation of blockchain and technology application. Equality and diversity is pivotal in technology. Our co-founders are intentionally creating an environment rich in quality education, that pursues inclusion and offers real solutions. We will have an exciting schedule of keynote speakers and panelists that are an equal ratio of men and women.