Value of Bitcoin Conference

  • Start date

    02 June '20
  • End date

    03 June '20
  • Location

    Munich, Germany

dialogue platform for the financial industry that brings together researchers, investors, bankers, regulators and journalists to debate the fundamental questions around Bitcoin.


In the forefront of change

Why Bitcoin, why now?


• An emerging apolitical store of value

• World’s best performing asset over past decade

• Most popular in hedge fund manager communities

• Rising star in macro trading as safe haven

• Growing interest by high net worth & family offices

• Institutions joining the market: CME, ICE, Fidelity…

• Massive opportunity to build financial products


Topics to debate

Informed decision making


• Bitcoin’s monetary policy – stock to flow ratio

• Impact on capital control and human rights

• A nation-state-independent world currency?

• The only working alternative to central banks?

• The ultimate hedge?

• The differences between gold and bitcoin

• Bitcoin and banking products

• Bitcoin’s massive energy consumption