Azbit ICO (AZ)

Changing the crypto exchange market

Azbit is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers the latest and most innovative features in the market. The platform supports margin and algorithm trading. It also offers social copy trading, allowing you to use the strategies of whales. The platform also boasts an efficient portfolio management tool and a multi-cryptocurrency wallet. Azbit team has previous experience  as they helped creating the Bitsane exchange.

The team Azbit is developing a project on the capitalization of more than 4k coins on

Start: Oct 1, 2018
End: Jun 30, 2019

Azbit Use of Token

Azbit Token (AZS) is the Azbit's native token. AZS is an Ethereum based ERC20 token. AZS is a security token and can be used by investors to receive dividends from the platform.

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  • Platform


  • Coin type

    Utility Token

  • Category


  • Soft cap

    7,500,000 USD

  • Max cap

    28,901,376 USD

  • Max supply

    401,408,000,000 AZ

  • Price

    0.00012 USD

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Azbit Token Sale Stages

Azbit Distribution

Azbit Use of Proceeds

Azbit Team Members

  • Sergei Ermolitski
    Sergei Ermolitski Head of Operations, Co-Founder Linkedin logo
  • Michael Yermalitski
    Michael Yermalitski Co-Founder Linkedin logo
  • Max Zmitrovich
    Max Zmitrovich Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder Linkedin logo
  • Azam Khodzhaev
    Azam Khodzhaev Chief Communications Officer Linkedin logo
  • Dmitry Gursky
    Dmitry Gursky Chief Business Development Officer Linkedin logo
  • Maxim Selyuk
    Maxim Selyuk Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Pavel Kalashnikau
    Pavel Kalashnikau Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Elena Certa
    Elena Certa Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Prof. Alex Siow
    Prof. Alex Siow Enterprise Risk Manager Linkedin logo
  • Lam Riki Pham
    Lam Riki Pham Head of Strategic Planning Linkedin logo
  • Andrew Rohau
    Andrew Rohau Chief Technology Officer Linkedin logo
  • Joachim Arthur Sorgho
    Joachim Arthur Sorgho Development (Project Manager) Linkedin logo
  • Alex Moroz
    Alex Moroz Chief Marketing Officer Linkedin logo
  • Yuila Gushchina
    Yuila Gushchina Business Development and Investor Relations Linkedin logo
  • Nikolae Cucuta
    Nikolae Cucuta Director of the Partner Department Linkedin logo
  • Andy Yeo
    Andy Yeo Blockchain Lawyer, AML-specialist Linkedin logo
  • Mickey Choi
    Mickey Choi Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Roger Ver
    Roger Ver Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Mate Tokay
    Mate Tokay Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Giovanni Lesna Maranetto
    Giovanni Lesna Maranetto Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Stefan Bergström
    Stefan Bergström Advisor Linkedin logo

    Azbit Past Events

    • 31 December, 2016

      Our team helps to create the Bitsane exchange.

    • 31 March, 2017

      Payment Institution (SPI) license obtained in Europe (Czech Republic).

    • 30 June, 2018

      Launch of the ICO campaign website, Publication of the final edition of the Whitepaper.

    Azbit Future Events

    • 1 October, 2018

      Pre-ICO campaign

    • 1 December, 2018

      Main phase of the ICO campaign

    • 31 March, 2019

      Launch of the Azbit Global cryptocurrency exchange. Start of the token trading

    • 31 March, 2019

      Launch of the mining pool and crypto wallet service.

    • 30 June, 2019

      Launch of the Azbit Pro cryptocurrency exchange. Launch of the electronic payment system.

    • 30 September, 2019

      Launch of the European banking structure. Start of margin trading on the Azbit Pro exchange.

    • 31 December, 2019

      Announcement of the launch of the investment platform and algorithmic trading. Access to traditional financial markets (forex, futures, stocks) will now be available under the banking structure.

    • 31 March, 2019

      Launch of a universal trading platform bringing together traditional financial markets and cryptocurrency markets in one place.