Canyudo ICO (CanyudoCoin)

Canyudo is a free to use promotional and organizational tool allowing app users to create then advertise jobs, tasks, events, or items for sale to a network of other app users, adding media, data files, location tags, and with the option to make or take payment in cryptocurrency.
The app is designed to be used by businesses and the general public, combining a free advertising platform with a low cost and ultra secure payments system. Fees are charged only where a smart contract is executed, with each transaction processed resulting in a donation to a user nominated registered charity.

ICO Start

Apr 14, 2019


Jul 14, 2019

Canyudo Use of Token

  • Organization

    Canyudo Limited

  • Platform


  • Coin type

    App Token

  • Category


  • Soft cap

    2,000,000 USD

  • Max cap

    200,000,000 USD

  • Max supply


  • Price

    0.1 USD

Canyudo Distribution

Canyudo Team Members

  • Steve Biddick
    Steve Biddick CEO Linkedin logo
  • Nigel Coyle
    Nigel Coyle CFO Linkedin logo
  • Ben Lockhart
    Ben Lockhart CIO Linkedin logo
  • Marco Silva
    Marco Silva CTO Linkedin logo
  • Jon Wray
    Jon Wray COO Linkedin logo
  • Gerard Boor
    Gerard Boor Software Lead, Blockchain Architect Linkedin logo
  • Tobi Doeringer
    Tobi Doeringer Charity Division Director Linkedin logo
  • Una Kasumovic
    Una Kasumovic Operations Manager Linkedin logo
  • Mila Vera
    Mila Vera Creative Lead Linkedin logo
  • Maarten Solinger
    Maarten Solinger VP Community Linkedin logo
  • Krichelle Francisco
    Krichelle Francisco Customer Relations Linkedin logo
  • James Bradshaw
    James Bradshaw Project Adviser Linkedin logo
  • Lalit Bansal
    Lalit Bansal Project Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Bharat Singh (Gandass)
    Bharat Singh (Gandass) Project Advisor Linkedin logo

    Canyudo Past Events

    • 31 March, 2016

      Core Project Team Agreed

    • 30 June, 2016

      Seedrs Round 1: Private Equity Raise

    • 30 September, 2016

      R&D, Product Design

    • 31 December, 2016

      Wireframe. Prototype Production

    • 31 March, 2017

      Development Begins, Patent Application #1

    • 30 June, 2017

      Wireframe Android & iOS Release

    • 30 September, 2017

      Closed Beta Release

    • 31 December, 2017

      Patent #1 Earns 'Pending' Status

    • 31 March, 2018

      Market Strategy (HK FDW), Strategy Development

    • 30 June, 2019

      App Testing & Debugging, ICO Planning

    • 30 September, 2019

      Draft ICO White Paper, Seedrs Round II Planning

    • 31 December, 2018

      Seedrs Round II, ICO Beggins, Patent Application #2

    Canyudo Future Events

    • 31 March, 2019

      UX Review, Debugging, Blockchain Integration

    • 30 June, 2019

      Blockchain Ecosystem Testing, UX Review II

    • 30 September, 2019

      Ongoing Media & Marketing Campaign

    • 31 December, 2019

      Promotion, Final Testing, Global Product Launch