Fern Protocol ICO (FERN)

Make any blockchain more secure

This listing is incomplete as a result of the ICO failing to respond to our numerous requests for more information.

“Fern makes any blockchain network more decentralised and secure by connecting identified node and oracle providers through an anonymous protocol. As many blockchain networks are controlled by a single or small group of entities, this renders them exposed to a Sybil attack – the nodes, or the people controlling them, can easily influence the entire network through colluding or bribing. Sybil attack undermines the integrity of the blockchain ledger and defrauds users, which contradicts the value of blockchain being trustless and secure. Fern addresses this issue by combining enterprise compliance requirements with trustless network fundamentals.”


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Fern Protocol Use of Token

The aim of Fern is to enable a more secure and trustless environment for users of blockchain applications, regardless of the underlying blockchain platform. Specifically, Fern will enable an ecosystem of independent, compliant, yet anonymously engaged, node and oracle providers.

  • Organization

    Fern Network Ltd

  • Platform


  • Coin type

    App Token

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  • Soft cap

    5,000,000 Undefined

  • Max cap

    20,000,000 Undefined

  • Max supply

    1,000,000,000 FERN

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Fern Protocol Team Members

  • Adi Ben-Ari
    Adi Ben-Ari Founder Linkedin logo
  • Francesco Canessa
    Francesco Canessa Technical Lead Linkedin logo
  • Andrew Witzenfeld
    Andrew Witzenfeld Product Manager Linkedin logo
  • Rashee Pandey
    Rashee Pandey Marketing Lead Linkedin logo
  • Corey Parkinson
    Corey Parkinson Business Development Linkedin logo
  • Katerina Sobetskaia
    Katerina Sobetskaia Community Manager Linkedin logo
  • Jimmy Chen
    Jimmy Chen Blockchain Developer Linkedin logo
  • Arnaud Darré
    Arnaud Darré UX/UI Designer Linkedin logo
  • Chris Adelsbach
    Chris Adelsbach Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Brian McNulty
    Brian McNulty Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Aylon Morley
    Aylon Morley Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Nadav Rosenberg
    Nadav Rosenberg Advisor Linkedin logo

    Fern Protocol Future Events

    • 30 September, 2018

      Protocol selects independent nodes from identified pool. Protocol selects oracles from identified pool. Measurement of node and oracle provider proof of service. Basic network UI.

    • 31 March, 2019

      Creation of provider identity profiles. Dashboard for viewing pool and provider identities. Ring signature key creation and validation. Standard key management. Combined proof creation and validation.

    • 30 September, 2019

      Selection algorithm. Requisite number of trusted node providers connected anonymously with blockchain application networks. Ring signature proofs. Ability for blockchain applications and users to validate anonymous node ring membership.

    • 30 September, 2020

      Integration with interledger bridging protocols inc. Polkadot & Cosmos to facilitate the transfer of messages between blockchain networks. Fern smart contracts will be made available for a range of blockchain platforms inc. Plasma, Quorum, Fabric, Corda and many others.