Fluxorin ICO (TFT)

Blockchain based platform for publishing and streaming music

Fluxorin is a decentralized blockchain based system for publishing, streaming, and downloading music. Fluxorin's platform combines the cutting-edge technology of cryptocurrencies with a dedicated mission of unlocking the full potential of human creativity (artists) to inspire and help billions of fans worldwide enjoy their favorite music.

Start Date

04 Jun, 2018

End Date

27 Aug, 2018

Fluxorin Use of Token

FLUX is Fluxorin's native token. FLUX is an Ethereum based ERC20 token. There is a total of 372 million FLUX tokens. 53.7% of the total token supply will be distributed via the ICO, 25% will be awarded to the project's team members, advisors, and contributors, 6.6% will be sold via a private sale, 4% will be reserved for bounties and airdrops, and 10.7% will be allocated to a reserve. The Flux Token will solve the problem of musicians' royalties and payments by providing transparency to the complex chain of copyright ownerships and usage within various ecosystems of the digital distribution of music, as well as innovating a new model for the process of creation of music via the Decentralized Autonomous Labels.

  • Organization

    Fluxorin Inc

  • Platform


  • Coin type

    Utility Token

  • Category


  • Soft cap


  • Max cap


  • Max supply

    702,000,000 TFT

  • Price


Fluxorin Token Sale Stages

  • Stage
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Amount of Tokens
  • Price
  • Discount
    • Private Sale (up to 30%)
    • 04 June, 2019
    • 27 June, 2019
    • 172,000,000 TFT
    • 0.2
    • 30
    • Claim
    • Pre-Sale (up to 20%)
    • 02 July, 2019
    • 26 July, 2019
    • 172,000,000 TFT
    • 0.2
    • 20
    • Claim
    • Crowdsale (up to 15%)
    • 30 July, 2019
    • 27 August, 2019
    • 200,000,000 TFT
    • 0.35
    • 15
    • Claim

Fluxorin Distribution

Fluxorin Use of Proceeds

Fluxorin Team Members

  • Josef Silvestre
    Josef Silvestre Co-Founder, Project Manager
  • Paul Schmidts
    Paul Schmidts Co- founder, CEO, Business Developer
  • Rebecca Ramirez
    Rebecca Ramirez Business analyst & Community Manager
  • Stefan Hawes
    Stefan Hawes Content Creation & Community Manager
  • Isaac Jacobson
    Isaac Jacobson Bounty Manager & Business Analyst
  • Alicia Simons
    Alicia Simons Public Relation Specialist and Digital Marketing
  • Maria Andrews
    Maria Andrews Editor & Business Risk Analyst
  • Steven Iverson
    Steven Iverson Senior Website and Application Developer
  • Langley Chang
    Langley Chang Software Engineer and Programmer
  • Andres Scott
    Andres Scott Chief Graphics Designer

Fluxorin Advisors

  • Yvonne Ash
    Yvonne Ash Legal Advisor
  • David A. Mccarville
    David A. Mccarville Advisor
  • Kevin Harrington
    Kevin Harrington Advisor
  • Darius Barušauskas
    Darius Barušauskas Advisor

Fluxorin Past Events

  • 31 December, 2019

    Conception of FLUXORIN project and technical feasibility assessment.

  • 31 March, 2019

    Assembling of team members, preparation of Whitepaper & token sale security audits.

  • 30 June, 2019

    Whitelist Registration, Token Pre-Sale phase I, Token Pre-Sale phase II, Main Token Sale. KYC compilation, FLUXORIN Blockchain Development and integration.

  • 30 June, 2019

    Whitelist Registration, Token Pre-Sale phase I, Token Pre-Sale phase II, Main Token Sale. KYC compilation, FLUXORIN Blockchain Development and integration.

  • 30 September, 2019

    Strengthening partnerships and Legal right in the Music Industry, FLUXORIN Website and Mobile App. (iOS & Android) uploaded for scrutiny by professionals. Official LAUNCHEON unveiling the BRAND AMBASSADORS.

  • 31 December, 2019

    Improving and Expanding our database, Launch of Radio services, Launch of THE FLUX TOKEN WALLET and crypto converter.

  • 31 March, 2019

    Stakeholders and Leaders conference.