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“FIFO are building a unique Crypto Currency Exchange. This service will offer UK customers the ability to procure digital Crypto Currency assets in Great British Pounds (GBP). FIFO Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales and fully auditable. We have built our platform with safety, security and ease of use in mind. Our aim is to bring the UK market the ability to procure and own the top 25 digital Crypto Currency assets. As well as this FIFO will also be giving a percentage of net profit to charity.”


Start: Nov 1, 2018
End: Feb 15, 2019

getFIFO Use of Token

FIFO via the launch of FIFO Fuel Token (“FFuel”) will enable the company to alleviate the “Barrier to Trading” in the Crypto market currently experienced by investors and customers. FIFO Limited have an aggressive plan using a phased development approach to build a unique professional trading infrastructure. The management team also envisage coupling the infrastructure with a fully integrated technology and regulatory framework.

  • Organization

    FIFO limited

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  • Coin type

    Utility Token

  • Category


  • Max cap


  • Max supply

    150,000,000 FFUEL

  • Price

    0.27 USD

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getFIFO Team Members

  • Keith Christie-Smith
    Keith Christie-Smith Founder Linkedin logo
  • Jeff Hancock
    Jeff Hancock Founder Linkedin logo
  • Siam Kidd
    Siam Kidd Advisor Linkedin logo