Decentralized music streaming micro payments between artists and fans

This listing is incomplete as a result of the ICO failing to respond to our numerous requests for more information.

“The JAM Token is an ERC20 utility token for music that will run on the Hedera Hashgraph network. The token will be fully integrated with the platform to provide an ecosystem for decentralized cryptocurrency micropayments to artists and fans.”


Start: Aug 20, 2018
End: Apr 20, 2019 JAM Token Use of Token

The JAM Token is a Hedera Hashgraph powered music token to enable a global music marketplace platform for artists and fans. The JAM token will be an ERC20 standard smart contract token built to run on the Hedera Hashgraph platform. The token will enable creator and curator rewards to artists and fans in the form of borderless micropayments for streams and reviews.

  • Organization

  • Platform


  • Coin type

    Utility Token

  • Category


  • Soft cap

    2,000 ETH

  • Max cap

    10,000 ETH

  • Max supply

    1,000,000,000 JAM

  • Price

    0.0001 ETH

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  • Andrew Antar
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  • Brian Antar
    Brian Antar Founder & Developer Linkedin logo
  • Daniel Nordberg
    Daniel Nordberg CTO & Lead developer Linkedin logo
  • Paul Schmitzer
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  • Joseph McGrath
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