Security Intelligent Systems

“The SISHUB project is developing an anonymous messenger and a decentralized system for sharing data through the utilization blockchain technologies. Does Not Log IP Address. Only complex identifiers and tunnels for data transfer will be used, which will change every 10 minutes. Absence of information collection, control over users and collection of geodata. SISHUB uses triple encryption of its own design, based on AES CBC, DSA, HMAC, when most use Curve25519, RSA 2048. All data is hashed using the SHA-2 protocol (64-bit architecture).”


Start: May 9, 2018
End: Aug 20, 2019

SISHUB Use of Token

The STEEL Token is a utility token integrated across the STEEL Ecosystem as a native payment system. The main feature of STEEL cryptocurrency is the ability to support the data sharing and communications within overlay networks and decentralized applications.

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  • Platform


  • Coin type

    Utility Token

  • Category


  • Soft cap

    5,500 ETH

  • Max cap

    51,000 ETH

  • Max supply

    35,000,000,000 STEEL

  • Price

    0.000003 ETH

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SISHUB Token Sale Stages

SISHUB Distribution

SISHUB Use of Proceeds

SISHUB Team Members

  • Artur Andonis
    Artur Andonis CEO and Co-Founder Linkedin logo
  • Vladimir Groshev
    Vladimir Groshev COO Linkedin logo
  • Semion Tsitkilov
    Semion Tsitkilov CFO and Co Founder Linkedin logo
  • Mykhailo Liabin
    Mykhailo Liabin CTO and Blockchain Developer Linkedin logo
  • Sasha Tabak
    Sasha Tabak Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Dmitry Pshenin
    Dmitry Pshenin Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Richard Trummer
    Richard Trummer Advisor Linkedin logo
  • Ira Dolgin
    Ira Dolgin Advisor Linkedin logo

    SISHUB Past Events

    • 31 December, 2017

      Starting SISHUB Platform Development

    • 31 March, 2018

      Developing an encryption system

    • 30 April, 2018

      Developing an anonymous messenger

    SISHUB Future Events

    • 31 December, 2018

      Alpha Release of STEEL Messenger

    • 30 June, 2019

      Beta Release of STEEL Messenger

    • 31 July, 2019

      Development of decentralized STEEL Network for secure data exchange, Development of SISHUB Blockchain Network

    • 30 November, 2019

      STEEL Messenger Release

    • 31 December, 2019

      Development of multicurrency STEEL Wallet

    • 29 February, 2020

      Development of safe Cloud Storage

    • 31 May, 2020

      Development of STEEL Antivirus

    • 31 January, 2023

      Integration of all services