Community Decentralized Advertising

"The goal of the TAC project is to create an industry based cryptocurrency that brings all forms of advertising, both online and offline, onto the blockchain while at the same time creating an industry based series of tokens to use within the advertising and marketing industries. The project should over time allow the entire industry of marketing and advertising to be decentralized so that no single centralized business can control the costs and pricing of advertising." (https://www.tactoken.io/)

Start Date

01 Oct, 2018

End Date

01 Oct, 2019

TAC Use of Token

The Advertising Currency is an effort to eliminate corporate advertising corruption that currently exists in both online and offline advertising and marketing though an opensource distributed advertising Platform called OSMP, through blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and through corporate contractual advertising purchases to obtain mass advertising that will be redistributed to the public at large that may be utilized or resold to others.

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  • Platform


  • Coin type

    Utility Token

  • Category


  • Soft cap


  • Max cap


  • Max supply

    100,000,000 TAC

  • Price


TAC Token Sale Stages

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  • End date
  • Amount of Tokens
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  • Discount
    • Token Sale
    • 01 October, 2019
    • 01 October, 2019
    • No limit
    • 10
    • Claim

TAC Use of Proceeds

TAC Team Members

  • Bruce Bates
    Bruce Bates CEO Head Developer, and Founder
  • Amy Iannone
    Amy Iannone Bookkeeper, Accountant, and Record Keeper
  • Jay Carey
    Jay Carey Developer and Co-Founder