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Connecting social and physical world

UHIVE is a new social network that has physical dimensions for its users. It is a virtual reality-ready platform for mobile devices that uses AI technology. It has two worlds — civilized and grey. The civilized world is a public space where people can interact using their own identities. On the other hand, the grey world provides anonymity and private communities. It aims to radically change the traditional social networking by enabling users to walk through infinite spaces and identify communities worth exploring.



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Start: Jul 15, 2018End: Feb 11, 2019

Use of Token

HVE is a utility token that allows its users to create and display their profiles called spaces in a social media platform that is developed using hybrid blockchain technology. Some of its features include sharing posts, streaming videos, adding comments, making new friends, and socializing.

  • Country United Kingdom
  • Organization UHive Social Network
  • Social
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Coin Type Utility Token
  • CategorySocial
  • Accepted Currency
    • BTC
    • ETH
    • USD
  • Soft Cap10,000,000 dollar
  • Max Cap54,000,000 dollar
  • Amount Raised6,300,000 dollar
  • Max Supply80,000,000,000
  • Price0.003 dollar
  • Website

Token Sale Stages

StageStart dateEnd dateAmount of tokensPriceDiscount
Private Sale
15 July, 2018
15 October, 2018
Crowd Sale
29 October, 2018
11 February, 2019


Use of Proceeds


  • Muayyad Shehadeh

    Muayyad Shehadeh

    CEO / Founder
  • Hazem Bustami

    Hazem Bustami

    Digital Marketing Director
  • Mark Peacock

    Mark Peacock

    Business Development
  • Amanda Estephan

    Amanda Estephan

    Social Media Manager
  • Gerald Hahn

    Gerald Hahn

  • Manuel Heilmann

    Manuel Heilmann

  • Robert Stoeppel

    Robert Stoeppel

  • Anwar Daoud

    Anwar Daoud

  • Past
  • Working on a new idea

    31 December, 2015

    Started working on the idea and researching social networking and human psychology

  • Building the Grey World concept

    31 December, 2016

    Working on the financial ecosystem and working on the grey world concept and behaviour

  • Integrating Hybrid Blockchain and cryptocurrency

    31 December, 2017

    Working on integrating Hybrid Blockchain in the Grey world, adding Cryptocurrency ecosystem, starting working on A.I. Technology and preparing prototypes, started working on our UHIVE Token

  • Future
  • Releasing UHIVE Tokens

    30 September, 2018

    Starting the private sale, Expanding the Team and working on preparing a beta release for iOS and Android Apps

  • Exchange Markets

    31 December, 2018

    Release UHIVE Beta App on Android and iOS

  • Releasing UHive Network

    31 March, 2019

    Release the Final App globally, Release UHIVE token on cryptocurrency exchange markets

  • Advertisement Platform

    30 September, 2019

    Enter China with partnerships with China biggest cloud providers and ISPs (A New World for China) , Release our advertisement platform Version 1.0

  • Expanding capabilities

    31 December, 2020

    Release XBOX and PS4 editions, where people can explore the social network, Connect it with Smart TVs and many new IoT Devices, Platform updates