The World First Stable-Coin 100% Asset Backed By Wine And Vineyard Investment Funds

VINX Coin is the world’s first decentralized fine French wine and vineyard backed Security Token Offering (STO) where anyone can be a fine French wine and vineyard owner from the comfort of their home. VINX removes high cost to enter the fine French wine and vineyard ownership markets.
Using blockchain and fine wine and vineyard investment fund technologies, VINX brings never-seen-before transparency to fractional wine and vineyard ownership.


DISCLAIMER: Cointelligence has been compensated by VINX COIN STO for listing this project. VINX COIN STO has paid Cointelligence $200USD for its services.

Start Date

02 Mar, 2020

End Date

15 Sep, 2020

VINX COIN Use of Token

The VINX in VINXcoin stands for Wine and VIneyard Investment Fund. This fund is backed by an already functioning and profitable business – Vinito Capital Management . VCM is fully operational and regulated fine French wine and vineyard investment funds with assets under management of €32M. VCM has three years established track record with thier find French wine sales and vineyard ownership and management. VINX Coins are directly performance backed by the VCM award winning investment funds. No more empty promises. Invest in a real token with a real business that is managed by a professional team of industry experts. Buying VINX Tokens from our security token offering (STO) will allow Investors to participate in an existing and money making business that is at the beginning of a long-term, sustainable growth. VINX token holders will be able to trade on multiple exchange platforms as well as exchange for Ethereum coins since the VINX coins is built and managed on the ERC-20 platform.

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    Security Token

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VINX COIN Team Members

  • Erick Sabelskjold
    Erick Sabelskjold CEO
  • Stephanie Regucera
    Stephanie Regucera Director Business Development