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Learn Token Economics with Cointelligence Academy

Cointelligence Academy has partnered with Lisa JY Tan of Economics Design to offer our Academy students a 10-part series on the economics of tokenization, aka tokenomics.

Understanding the token economy

  • Learn online on your own schedule.
  • Instructor Lisa JY Tan is an expert in economics and tokenization.
  • 10-part course will cover principle fundamentals and token-specific, actionable knowledge.
  • Lessons are informed by more than two years of in-depth research into the tokenized economy.
  • No previous economics knowledge necessary; this course is beginner-friendly.
  • The same reliable, quality content you’ve come to expect from Cointelligence Academy.
  • Continuing support available through Cointelligence Academy’s Telegram group.
  • No hype, no sales pitches, no bullshit, just good, unbiased, research-backed knowledge.

Get access to this course

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  • Discounted price
  • 1 year access
  • Duration: 6 hrs on-demand video
  • Support via Telegram

About the instructor

Lisa JY Tan

Lisa JY Tan. Lisa is a deconstructor of economics, cryptoassets, and cryptosystems. She comes from an economics background and sees huge potential to bridge the gap between traditional economics and the blockchain world. Lisa now pours her passion for economics into designing, teaching, and showcasing the true capabilities of solid underlying economic and incentivisation models to build scalable and sustainable token economy and networks.

Why learn token economics?

Students should take this course if they wish to understand the benefits of asset tokenization, which assets should be tokenized, and when tokenization is being used as a gimmick. A clear understanding of token economics is useful for anyone who wants to buy, sell, or trade digital assets; consider tokenizing their company’s assets; or work in the blockchain industry.