LATOKEN abuses Bitcointalk to attempt Google DMCA of SCAM ALERT

LATOKEN weaponized the DMCA complaint process and abused in an attempt to remove a SCAM ALERT about them on Google.

LATOKEN is a mega scam exchange as can be seen in their review on Cointelligence. Recently we received a DMCA takedown notice for our exchange review of the LATOKEN SCAM. This review was written after many hours of ongoing research, and is regularly updated with new developments.

Here is the announcement by Google when you search LATOKEN:

Search result removed


What really happened was that they copied our content, and published it on an unrelated Bitcointalk thread by editing an old comment (which can easily be seen in the source code of the post, see screenshot below).

Bitcointalk comment containing copied material

Here are parts of the copied content:

Copied text highlighted

We have reached out to Google about this issue and received a form letter confirmation letting us know that it may take some time for our request to be reviewed.

email response from Google

Its outrageous Google removed this important SCAM ALERT without receiving our response and now innocent investors might lose their funds because there is no SCAM ALERT on Google. If anyone had any doubts LATOKEN is a scam exchange, now it is clear they will stop at nothing, they will do everything they can in order to achieve their goals even if it means violating copyrights and fraudulently claiming it's their own content.

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