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  • Dobitrade Exchange or in short, Dobi or Dobi Exchange, is a cryptocurrency exchange / cryptocurrency trading platform with headquarters in Shenzhen, China. A Dobitrade Exchange review / Dobi Exchange review reveals that this global digital asset exchange was founded in 2018. It seems to trade as a branch or subsidiary of BTC51 Technology Development Co., Ltd. or in short, Shenzhen.

    The latter or parent company seems to focus on the integration of financial services, particular financial investment services, with blockchain technology. This must be part of the reason why Dobi is said to offer bank-level security, including automated risk management, bank-level encryption of all user-relating data, anti-fraud protection and other comprehensive security measures and systems.

    A Dobitrade Exchange review / Dobi Exchange review also reveals that they serve the crypto community via no less than 16 active markets. They also provide access to more than one cryptocurrency pair, including pairs for Moving Cloud Coin (Ticker symbol: MCC). MCC has a total supply of 1 billion tokens and seems to be Dobitrade’s own coin.

    The MCC token seems to be part of the “Moving Cloud Chain” (or cloud chain protocol), designed for the storage of data in a distributed way on the blockchain. It uses the Proof of Existence (PoE) consensus mechanism and MCC seems to be the only built-in asset for cloud chain.

    Additionally, a Dobitrade Exchange review / Dobi Exchange review also reveals that beyond offering a trading platform and being involved in the development of MCC, Dobi is also involved in the production and distribution of cryptocurrency ATMs and MCC-branded mining gear that is wearable.

    Dobitrade Exchange Review, Trading Fees, Deposit and Markets

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      NaN BTC

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              DOB Market Buy : 0.1% Sale : 0.1% BTC Market Buy : 0.1% Sale : 0.1% ETH Market Buy : 0.1% Sale : 0.1% OTC Fee Buy : 0.3% Sale : 0.3%

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                  Crypto to Crypto Only

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                                  Dobitrade Exchange Rating Analysis

                                  Last edit 21.11.2019

                                  • UPDATE (Nov 21st 2019): Following the events of the RET scam taking place on DOBI exchange, after reevaluation we've lowered DOBI Exchange's score to 1, due to the fact many of their users lost funds as a result of poor decision making on the exchange's behalf, and we strongly suggest anyone not to use DOBI Exchange and seek out alternatives.

                                    DOBI Exchange, or DOBI Trade, is a spinoff exchange born from the Coinbene exchange with all or most of its team members having previously worked at Coinbene. The DOBI exchange is another poorly-functioning site with a support team that has a very hard time communicating in English and professionally deal with customers and their funds. They do not have a CEO, at least not publicly, and the exchange team may have transitioned from Coinbene to DOBI after the Coinbene CEO was accused of misconduct. After the official DOBI LinkedIn page was seemingly hacked, the team displayed a lack of professionalism dealing with the matter, verbally abusing the attacker. Also, this incident raises a red flag regarding the exchange's ability to safeguard its assets. Couple that with the fact we did not find anyone in charge of risk at DOBI, and you have a worrisome situation in regards to the safety of user funds on the platform. In conclusion, we recommend staying away from DOBI - its shadyness and unprofessionalism is apparent and should not be encouraged.

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