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  • The Rock Trading is an Italian fully compliant fiat-to-crypto exchange providing bitcoin trading since June 2011, making it the first European cryptocurrency exchange.  Founded by Andrea Medri (CFO) and Davide Barbieri (CTO) - two well known entrepreneurs in the Italian bitcoin community - the development never stopped allowing the exchange to offer a suite of trader-oriented features such as dark pools, market, limit and conditional offers. The Rock Trading was and is the first exchange to add support for GreenAddress’ instant deposits; Bech32, Multisig, Legacy, Liquid and Segwit technology. Given the proactive demand of our European clients, our core team decided to focus the majority of its time on providing them a reliable cryptocurrency trading platform and fiat to crypto gateway. The Rock Trading's long history witnesses the solidity and seriousness of a project and a team that has never stopped evolving and improving in these years - and continues to do so.

    Though it was originally launched in Italy, the exchange then carried its headquarters to Malta in 2013 where it became a licensed cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, however, the exchange operates from its home country of Italy.

    The exchange charges flat trading fees, meaning fees for takers and makers are the same. The flat fee is 0.20%, which is slightly lower than the global industry average of 0.25%. Though this definitely provides The Rock Trading with a competitive edge, it is important to note that most of the top-performing cryptocurrency exchanges also charge trading fees averaging around 0.20%-0.10%. The withdrawal fee is 0.0001 BTC, which is way below the global industry average. Combined, the trading fee and the withdrawal fee definitely give The Rock Trading an advantage in the industry.

    Unlike some exchanges, The Rock Trading enables fiat-crypto trading as well. This means that the exchange is an entry-level exchange, which makes it very friendly towards new cryptocurrency investors. There aren’t any deposit fees on the exchange, and such deposits can be made via bank transfers. Credit cards, however, will not be accepted for deposits. As for cryptocurrencies, users can deposit their existing ones into their accounts without a fee.

    For enhanced security, The Rock Trading utilizes a two-factor authentication system (2FA), as is commonly used by many other cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange has partnered with Jumio, which overlooks the verification of users upon registering to trade. As mentioned before, the exchange benefits from support from GreenAddress’ security techniques.

    Detailed information about the team behind the exchange can be found on their website, as well as a separate “About Us” page dedicated to the background of the exchange. The website is designed in a very modern manner and is very practical to use. The interface offers language options of English and Italian. This shows that the exchange is mainly focused on users residing in European countries, as it doesn’t offer features targeted for more international users.

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