Blockchain-based HealthCombix partners with NuCypher

HealthCombix has just partnered with NuCypher to launch a blockchain based system that will improve information sharing in the healthcare industry. The ICO is expected to take place by the end of this year, or in the beginning of 2019.
Tennessee-based healthcare company HealthCombix recently announced its partnership with NuCypher, a proxy re-encryption platform. HealthCombix is a leading blockchain based company that provides decentralized healthcare services. The partnership will make use of NuCypher’s re-encryption methodology to overcome security challenges of the healthcare industry.

Big companies usually secure large amounts of sensitive data in encrypted databases. NuCypher introduces a way for this data to be easily accessed by authorized organizations or individuals in a highly secure manner. Via NuCypher, companies can grant others access to their encrypted data without having to reveal their private keys.

Being a healthcare services provider, HealthCombix faces the same challenges as other entities in the healthcare ecosystem. Patients usually do not have much control over their own medical information. Moreover, personal information is also sometimes shared without taking patient's consent. This gives rise to the need for an integrated technology that ensures security of sensitive data.

This is exactly why HealthCombix is partnering up with NuCypher. Both startups will work together to provide a healthcare system that preserves digital privacy at all ends. It will not stand in the way of easy data-sharing though. Authorized parties will be able to exchange data, like management plans and test reports, easily after taking proper consent from the patients.

In addition to non-complex data-exchange, the partnership will also enable patients to have complete control over their data. They will decide who can or cannot access their personal information. Lastly, they will be able to make efficient healthcare choices.

HealthCombix is planning a token sale by the end of this year, or in the beginning of 2019. The company’s Founder Cyrus Maaghul stated that they aim to redefine data-delivery and payment methods in the healthcare industry. By using distributed technologies and decentralized crypto-economies, they will bring forth a “next-generation healthcare blockchain platform”.

Maaghul detailed that the choice of NuCypher was based on its capabilities to provide decentralized key management. Nucypher enables a system that deploys “bring-your-own-key” model during data exchange. This model assigns a key to each authorized party which they can use to decrypt shared data. Thus, the original private keys never need to leave the owner's enterprise.

NuCypher is currently backed by the crypto hedge fund PolyChain Capital and a number of other prominent contributors. The platform will be launching a token sale during the upcoming months. NuCypher's CEO MacLane Wilkinson expressed his pleasure over the company’s partnership with HealthCombix. He showed support for HealthCombix’s approach towards a decentralized healthcare marketplace.

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