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At Cointelligence, we have built our reputation on providing well-researched guides on various cryptocurrency and blockchain topics and impartial ratings of ICOs, STOs, IEOs, and exchanges. We have learned how best to audit cryptocurrency projects and exchanges. Now, you can harness our research skills for your own needs.

At Cointelligence, we have built our reputation on providing well-researched guides on various cryptocurrency and blockchain topics and impartial ratings of ICOs, STOs, IEOs, and exchanges. We have learned how best to audit cryptocurrency projects and exchanges. Now, you can harness our research skills for your own needs. We offer an array of professional consulting services related to crypto and the blockchain, including cryptocurrency due diligence, blockchain ecosystem assessment, and crypto investment research.

NOTE: Our professional services are separate from the content provided to the community on our site.

Cryptocurrency due diligence services

Whether you are an investor who wants to know more about a project before committing your funds, a community member curious about getting involved with a new company, or an exchange trying to determine whether to list a coin, we can provide you with the crypto investment research you need to do your due diligence. Over the years, we have developed a cryptocurrency due diligence process that includes (but is not limited to) the following factors:

  1. Website review. We will review a project’s site for obvious signs of a scam, red flags, and more.
  2. Whitepaper review. As with the website, we look for potential red flags, as well as analyzing the overall quality of the whitepaper and whether it provides enough information about the project.
  3. Smart contract review. We will check for the presence of smart contracts, determine whether an audit was performed, and if necessary, reach out to the project team for more information.
  4. Legal and compliance. We will determine whether the project is in compliance with the cryptocurrency regulations of their jurisdiction. In the case of STOs, we will check compliance with securities regulations. This step in the crypto due diligence process includes investigating the legal entity, legal structure, KYC and AML procedures, and reviewing the projects policies. This can include a complete review of all documents related to legality and regulatory compliance.
  5. Team and advisors. We will investigate the project’s team and verify that the people listed as being involved in the project are actually associated with it. We can also perform a deep-dive investigation where we follow up with previous employers and schools, and reach out to individual team members online to test their knowledge.
  6. Road map and development plan. We determine whether the project has set a realistic timeline, and how the planned progress of the project could impact the project’s viability and the value of their token.
  7. Market and competitor analysis. This determines two things: is there a market for the solution the project offers, and is someone already offering an existing solution? This can include a detailed analysis of competitors in the market, from established companies to other ICOs/STOs/IEOs planning a similar offering.
  8. Safety clearance and scam check. This can range from a simple check of the website and a review of their security policies to a thorough investigation complete with hacking attempts. Services may include verifying the identity of the site owners, confirming partnerships listed on the site, and more.
  9. Regulatory readiness. Today’s regulatory landscape may not be tomorrow’s regulatory landscape. We can determine how a project could be impacted by potential future legislation, and investigate whether the company has prepared for these eventualities.
  10. Marketing and PR. We evaluate the quality of the project’s marketing, the level and quality of engagement on their social media channels, and whether they are receiving any serious press coverage. If the project has offered any bounties or airdrops, we review how they were conducted, how many tokens were allocated to this process, and how it may have impacted the value of the token.
  11. Revenue model. The first step of this process is to determine whether a revenue model exists, and from there, ascertain whether the model in question is viable.
  12. Token distribution. We perform a crypto audit to investigate how many tokens are being distributed, and why this number was chosen. This includes looking into minting, mining, and how long team tokens are vested for, among other factors.
  13. Tokenomics. Perhaps one of the most important factors for any cryptocurrency project. During our cryptocurrency assessment phase, we investigate the token model, from determining if a token is even needed for the project to whether anyone would want to buy in.
  14. Product. We will determine what the development plan is, how far along the product is in development, who is on their development team, and whether there is a market for the product. We perform a blockchain ecosystem assessment to determine what blockchain they are using and whether there is a use case for their application of blockchain. In cases where a MVP, alpha, beta, or existing product is available, we will test the product to review the UX/UI and provide our opinion.
  15. Institutional investors. We will determine who invested in the project during the private sale.

After performing thorough research on the requested topics, we provide a document clearly explaining the findings of our cryptocurrency audit and due diligence, including helpful charts and graphs.

Blockchain assessment and advisory services

If your business has decided that it is time to integrate blockchain, or to accept cryptocurrency payments, we can help you with this integration. Our blockchain assessment and advisory services will guide you on finding the best existing blockchain solution or developers to build your own and how to get the best out of this technology.
Likewise, any cryptocurrency projects looking to improve their chances of success for their ICO, STO, or IEO can contract our consulting services for a cryptocurrency project audit. We can share with you the areas we see where your project would need to improve in order to attract more investors and increase your chances of creating a viable project with a robust token ecosystem.

Contact us today if you are interested in any of our professional services. We look forward to working with you.

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