ODEM, the first decentralized education platform, launches crowdsale

The blockchain technology is revolutionizing every walk of life, even the education sector. ODEM.IO is the latest blockchain based company that aims to provide a revolutionary education platform, facilitating easy learning..
ODEM.IO is the creator of the world’s first on-demand educational platform backed by the blockchain technology. The public crowdsale for this Switzerland-based marketplace was launched yesterday and will continue till March 19th. Impressively, presale of the platform's tokens has already raised €2.2 million from investors eager to buy up all of the offered 58,200,000 ODEM tokens.

The ODEM ERC20 token platform utilizes the popular blockchain technology to present a unique learning environment. It will be providing live, in-class experiences to its students over the internet. It brings together qualified members of the education industry to provide learners with an excellent yet affordable learning experience.

The project’s goal is to eliminate financial, geographic, and institutional barriers that keep students from getting quality education. For this purpose, ODEM deploys Ethereum-based smart projects to connect top educators with eager students. The platform will thus be available to students all around the world.

The company’s development is funded by ODEM Tokens. ODEM’s presale by far exceeded its €1 million soft cap. CEO Richard Maaghul stated that this reflects investor confidence in a “blockchain-and-artificial-intelligence technology” that makes quality education affordable and accessible worldwide.

ODEM hopes to raise an additional €9.9m in its on-going crowdsale of 180 million tokens. Each token is worth about €0.05. Investors must provide proof of identity and residency at the time of purchase. This is to ensure the legitimacy of sources that fund the platform’s development. The ODEM.IO website is also offering token bonuses for referrals.

The blockchain-based platform aspires to be the Airbnb of education. It takes inspiration from the educational consultant company Excelorators Inc, which is also its partner in the ODEM.IO initiative. Excelorators is experienced in providing borderless educational facilities at top U.S. universities. It already has a network of over 200 educators that will help in rapid adoption of the ODEM platform.

ODEM brings together three of the main components of the cryptocurrency industry. It utilizes a blockchain – underlying technology of most of the cryptocurrencies – to enable secure, decentralized, and direct communication between teachers and students. The company allows digital currencies to be used as a payment method for offered services. ODEM believes that traditional payment systems are inefficient in transactions involving multiple participants.

Lastly, it makes use of Ethereum’s smart contracts to make sure agreements between students and teachers require least involvement of intermediaries. With these integrations, ODEM aims to create a one-of-its-kind educational platform, different from the educational facilities available currently.

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