Cryptocurrency incentive added to Hayver's addiction recovery program

Hayver has innovated a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program based on the blockchain technology. Addicts are incentivized with duitcoin for being sober and actively participating in the rehabilitation program.
Blockchain-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation -- this is how Hayver is utilizing the blockchain technology. They’re the first community based on the blockchain technology to provide support and help for those seeking to recover from addiction.

Hayver is seeking to alleviate a problem that affects over 110 million people worldwide. Their approach isn’t anything new: high levels of accountability with random testing which is done in a safe and encouraging community environment. However, it’s their method that’s very unique.

By pairing addiction recovery with the blockchain technology, Hayver provides an open and viewable interface that allows partners to track their progress while providing cryptocurrency incentives.

The numbers related to addiction are shocking. Over 20 million Americans struggle with regular substance abuse. Of those, only 2 million, just 10%, received help. The results are 135,000 deaths each year in the United States due to drug and alcohol addiction.

Hayver uses a mobile platform where members of the community can talk, encourage, and keep each other accountable. The system is based on proven methods which have helped 78% of patients remain sober for over 5 years. The basic concept is simple - find something that is more motivating than drugs and alcohol. To do this, Hayver is incentivizing participants with duitcoin.

Members participate in peer groups, each comprised of 5-20 addicts, known as the "Circle of Support". Each member is supposed to check in to the Circle of Support each day to see if they’ve been chosen for random testing. The testing is both random and intentional, as members can anonymously request for other members to be tested. A urine screening cup is used for testing, and each test must be verified by one of the support partners. Other important aspects of recovery are recorded, such as the number of days a person checks in, and the period of sobriety.

Soon, Hayver will be even more powerful when their new duitcoin cryptocurrency incentive is fully incorporated.
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