ImmVRse - The YouTube for VR content creators

ImmVRse is building a platform for VR content creators. The lack of a proper platform for VR content has inhibited the industry's growth. ImmVRse is creating a blockchain based platform that will enable participants to use the ERC20 compliant, IMV tokens for interacting with the platform's application.
Virtual Reality (VR) is a relatively new technology that is revolutionizing video production. Most online video platforms don't currently allow content creators to upload VR videos. ImmVRse wants to change this and are building a platform that will enable content creators to publish VR content without any preference over conventional videos.

ImmVRse is a new decentralized network, which will use tokens for various transactions performed on its platform. The tokens will not only provide incentive to content creators, but also reward the viewers for interacting with the platform's applications.

The platform will practically resolve the main problems that are currently hindering VR content creators. These problems are creativity, control, payment, and revenue.

Creativity – ImmVRse will give its users free access, enabling them to post their creations without any preferences. It will level the playing field for both freelancers and professionals. It will be a common platform for viewers, advertisers, and businesses. So, freelancers can create videos, sell them to advertisers, and get paid for it via ImmVRse.

Control – Control over content will be shifted to the community, rather than administrators of the platform. This will omit the centralized decision-making process, and remove any third-party middlemen. The platform will run with the help of smart contracts, powered by Ethereum Metropolis. The parameters of a task or a job will be defined in the contract and enforced via the process of smart contract execution.

Payment – As ImmVRse is based on a blockchain, it solves the problems associated with payments. There are no transaction fees and no hassle of creating bank accounts whatsoever. The payments will be made using ImmVRse tokens, which follows Ethereum’s ERC20 protocol.

Revenue – As mentioned before, the platform will not only reward creators, but also provide an incentive to viewers. High-value creators will pay the platform a monthly fee to maintain their premium status. This will create a sustainable, balanced ecosystem, which will not only facilitate the growth of VR, but also act as a platform that promotes creativity.

To read more about ImmVRse and its business model, you can access their whitepaper. They currently have a good, strong team of 10, who have been working on the project for 415 days now. The company will distribute 33.33% of the total 300 million IMVs, during the ICO, which is expected to take place on February 7th.

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