Invest in Prime Real Estate in Manhattan with Cryptocurrency

Slice is creating an opportunity for high value investors in the crypto market to invest in real estate in Manhattan with their crypto assets.
Many people question the usefulness of cryptocurrencies, explaining that the digital currencies cannot be effectively used in the real world. This cannot be further from truth as numerous companies have started accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

KFC Canada allowed customers to pay for a bucket of KFC with bitcoins, but only for a day. The point being that companies are starting to see the effectiveness of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and want to attract customers who own these assets.

Now high value investors in the crypto market can invest in real estate in Manhattan with their crypto assets. The investment is being offered by Slice and the real estate comprises of a 21 floor mid-rise luxury building, which has more than 100 apartments.

The company is introducing multiple real estate projects across America, allowing high-value investors to invest in prime real estate with the help of their crypto assets.

More amazingly, Slice is providing non-US based investors access to invest in prime real estate. This was previously difficult, and investors had to pay exorbitant amount of fees and taxes, which greatly reduced returns on their investments.

Slice, on the other hand, reduces the cost of investing in institutional-grade real estate projects by removing the middlemen in the existing process. Slice provides access to regular investors to invest in such institutional-grade investments.

About the project

Slice is currently backing a 21-floor luxury mid-rise project, which is located in Chelsea, Manhattan. The project is currently under construction, it will have 87 condos, 119 apartments and 2 retail spaces. The gross square footage of the building is 312,890 square feet.

The project is situated in a prime location in Chelsea, Manhattan. Investors should be satisfied by knowing that the project is already in the development stages, with the construction loan already secured. Therefore, investors do not have to worry about the risks associated with ground up development projects.

Another benefit for investors is that the investment is being done by using the Cayman blocker structure. This prohibits the taxation of the investment until the realization of the investment. Also, the investors are not obliged to send tax reports to the US IRS and this reduces reporting exposure for the investors.

How to invest

The following image explains how investors can invest in this Manhattan project, with the help of Slice.

About Slice

Slice is a commercial real estate (CRE) platform that uses cryptocurrencies to allow cross-border investments. The platform uses the power of blockchain to provide its investors with an unprecedented amount of liquidity in conventional real estate projects. The main focus of Slice is on the high net worth crypto investors, who can directly deploy their crypto assets into the institutional grade CRE.

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