Ripple crosses $3, 28% growth in 24 hours

Ripple's price has exceeded $3 and its market capital has exceeded for the first time that of ethereum and bitcoin cash. Ripple's market capital is now the second biggest cryptocurrency market capital, accounting for more than $141 billion. As such, ripple has surpassed bitcoin cash and ethereum in terms of market capitalization.

It has been a good day for digital tokens; Ethereum crossed the $900 mark, and just now, Ripple (XRP) breached $3. The crypto market cap is currently at its largest and most diversified. It seems like all the predictions regarding the collapse of crypto market have not come to pass.

The digital token market has shown that it is durable, as it has survived considerable setbacks in the last few months. XRP, the digital token of the Ripple network, has been one of the best performing digital currencies of 2017.

The reason behind Ripple’s amazing growth, in the span of just one year, is the market that it is targeting. Ripple is already collaborating with dozens of banks and fintech companies all over the world. It has announced recently that it will be adding major credit card companies in Japan to Ripple Net.

This announcement further strengthened the coin. In fact, many of its initial critics have become its fan. Ripple is a lot less volatile than its competition.

Ripple left behind ethereum and bitcoin cash

In just a matter of months, ripple has surpassed bitcoin cash and ethereum in terms of market capitalization.

Ripple’s sole purpose is to improve to existing operations of banks. It has partnered with some of the most famous fintech brands, such as American Express. Ripple wants to help the banks to improve the efficiency of their transactions. The transactions will become more secure, safe, and faster with the help of Ripple Net.

Moreover, overseas transactions will also improve with what has been planned by Ripple. If they succeed with their projects, then several middlemen will be removed from the transaction processing operations.

This will make the transactions much cheaper and it is expected that they will be completed a whole lot faster.

Things are looking bright for Ripple Network, and the digital currency market as a whole. The new year has been a good start for the market, with many cryptocurrencies showing growth in just the first few days.

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