Coinsbank Exchange Review


  • 24h Trading Volume

    29.836 BTC
  • Headquater


Coinsbank Exchange Review

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    Full list of withdrawal fees here

  • Coinsbank Deposit fees

    Deposit fees vary
  • Coinsbank Trading fees

    Taker fee
    0.5% in any currency. Currency to take the fee from can be selected in Trading interface

    Maker fee
    0.2% in any currency. Currency to take the fee from can be selected in Trading interface

  • Fiat Deposit

  • Accepted Payment Method

    Crypto to Crypto, Crypto to FIAT
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  • Margin Trading

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Coinsbank Exchange Score Analysis

Coinsbank is a UK-based exchange, offering users the option to fund their account using crypto or fiat, with a bank transfer or credit card. The exchange is rather experienced, having been launched in 2014 as BIT-X and since rebranded to Coinsbank. Their site is very easy to use and intuitive, has all the security measures standard in the industry, and their exchange engine seems to be working as intended and attract sufficient liquidity from traders. The bad news is that both the Risk and Team factors are looking very bad for Coinsbank: There is essentially one team member discoverable online, Vitaly Andrusevich, and the only information about him available online is a few Instagram photos driving luxury cars and enjoying himslef in Dubai. Aside from him and some mentions of a former CEO by the name of Ronny Boesing, we could not found anyone else who works at Coinsbank. The worrisome Risk factor comes from endless scam accusations online by multiple users, most of them having to deal with the exchange’s fiat depositing or withdrawing mechanisms, with users accusing the exchange of not honoring withdrawals or having deposited and not having it reflected on the exchange. To conclude, the Coinsbank situation is abiguous: on the one hand, the exchange performs well, attracts many traders and allows for credit card and fiat funding, but on the other – there seems to be significant risk associated with entrusting the exchange with funds.