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Decentralized EOS based CAD files and project management platform

CADEOS is a decentralized EOS based platform for 3D CAD files and project management. CADEOS will offer users top notch 3D design tools, data share capabilities, video calls, chats, and screen share apps to provide them with the best communication capabilities, and project management services. Individuals and companies could use CADEOS to announce CAD designs, 3D printer parts, app developments, and much more.

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Start: Dec 1, 2018End: Dec 20, 2018

Use of Token

ADE is CADEOS native token. 200 million of the 1 billion ADE EOS based tokens will be airdropped. ADE tokens will be used to tokenize every work, project, and apportation on the platform. Users can earn or expend their ADE tokens in various 3D products and software application updates.

  • Country Spain
  • Organization
  • Social
  • Platform EOS
  • Coin Type Utility Token
  • CategoryTechnology
  • Accepted Currency
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Token Sale Stages

StageStart dateEnd dateAmount of tokensPriceDiscount
1 December, 2018
20 December, 2018
200,000,000 ADE


  • Guillermo Galindo Saeta

    Guillermo Galindo Saeta

    CEO & Product designer
  • Diego Galindo Saeta

    Diego Galindo Saeta

    Chief Programmer
  • Javier Saeta Hidalgo

    Javier Saeta Hidalgo

    Telecommunications Expert
  • Jesús Moya Galindo

    Jesús Moya Galindo

    Project Manager
  • Antonio Galindo

    Antonio Galindo

    Systems and Business Analyst