Our Free Sessions

Cointelligence Academy is a cryptocurrency education platform designed to be accessible to students any time, anywhere. Our goal is to educate both technical and non-technical individuals who want to learn blockchain and cryptocurrency focused topics.

The following lessons are available for free.

Academy Session 1: Background & Intro to Bitcoin

Start at the beginning of the cryptocurrency education course and learn blockchain fundamentals, including what a blockchain is, what bitcoin is, and more.


Academy Session 2: Bitcoin Continued: Mining & Wallets

One of the first steps to learn cryptocurrency is to understand how it is mined and stored.

Academy Session 3: Crypto Market: Beginnings & Overview

Learn the basics of cryptocurrency trading.


Academy Session 4: Crypto Market: Metrics & Aggregators

In this session we dive deeper into the crypto market to help you understand metrics.

Academy Session 5: Choosing a Wallet

Learn how to determine which wallet is best for your needs (Not sure what a wallet is? Review Lesson 2 before taking this lesson).

Academy Session 6: Stablecoins

In this session we focus on Stablecoins, what they are, why they're needed, and how they work.

Academy Session 7: Payment Coins

Diving deeper into the various types of payment-oriented cryptocurrencies, their unique traits, and what they set out to achieve.

More lessons coming soon!