Our Free Sessions

Cointelligence Academy is a cryptocurrency education platform designed to be accessible to students any time, anywhere. Our goal is to educate both technical and non-technical individuals who want to learn blockchain and cryptocurrency focused topics.

The following lessons are available for free.

Academy Session 1: Background & Intro to Bitcoin

Start at the beginning of the cryptocurrency education course and learn blockchain fundamentals, including what a blockchain is, what bitcoin is, and more.


Academy Session 2: Bitcoin Continued: Mining & Wallets

One of the first steps to learn cryptocurrency is to understand how it is mined and stored.

Academy Session 3: Crypto Market: Beginnings & Overview

Learn the basics of cryptocurrency trading.


Academy Session 4: Crypto Market: Metrics & Aggregators

In this session we dive deeper into the crypto market to help you understand metrics.

Academy Session 5: Choosing a Wallet

Learn how to determine which wallet is best for your needs (Not sure what a wallet is? Review Lesson 2 before taking this lesson).

Academy Session 6: Stablecoins

In this session we focus on Stablecoins, what they are, why they're needed, and how they work.

Academy Session 7: Payment Coins

Diving deeper into the various types of payment-oriented cryptocurrencies, their unique traits, and what they set out to achieve.

Cointelligence Academy in Collaboration with Polkadot: Polkadot Basics

In this session we partnered with Web3 Foundation to bring our students the most accurate information on the Polkadot network, straight from the source. We are proud to have Bill Laboon, technical education lead in Web3 Foundation, explain in-depth how the Polkadot network operates and its strengths over traditional blockchain based networks.

More lessons coming soon!


Cointelligence Guide to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)