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Cointelligence is proud to maintain the best Initial Coin Offering/Security Token Offering ICO and STO list and impartial ICO/STO rating system. Our list of ICOs and STOs is updated regularly. Each Initial Coin Offering or Security Token Offering listing includes information about the project and convenient links to the whitepaper, website, and relevant social media sites. An ICO or STO listing with a score has been reviewed by our trustworthy board of anonymous crypto experts. In addition to covering current Initial Coin Offerings and Security Token Offerings, this serves as a pre-ICO list. This pre-ICO list is the perfect place to check for pre-sale options for qualified investors. Inclusion on our crypto ICO/STO list is free; however, due to the volume of submissions we receive for our pre-ICO list, we cannot guarantee that every ICO or STO will receive a rating.

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ICO Score Category Start End
Making it Easier to Access the Virtual World
Whitelist: Yes
Start Date:16 Jul 2016
End Date:24 Oct 2019
Fintech 16 Jul 2016 24 Oct 2019
Blockchain based catering platform
Whitelist: No
Restrictions: China, Singapore, USA
Start Date:01 Jan 2017
End Date:01 Jan 2019
Technology 01 Jan 2017 01 Jan 2019
Blockchain based platform for utility bill payments
Whitelist: No
Restrictions: USA
Start Date:21 May 2017
End Date:31 Dec 2018
Technology 21 May 2017 31 Dec 2018
Decentralized Computer Vision
Whitelist: No
Restrictions: United States
Start Date:08 Sep 2017
End Date:18 Sep 2017
Technology 08 Sep 2017 18 Sep 2017
Sudanese gold mining project
Whitelist: No
Start Date:08 Oct 2017
End Date:30 Sep 2018
Finance 08 Oct 2017 30 Sep 2018
Blockchain based genomic database
Whitelist: Yes
Start Date:17 Oct 2017
End Date:01 Nov 2019
Healthcare 17 Oct 2017 01 Nov 2019
Blockchain based platform for exchanging digital assets.
Whitelist: No
Restrictions: USA
Start Date:16 Nov 2017
End Date:31 Aug 2018
Communications 16 Nov 2017 31 Aug 2018
Score: 5.9
Blockchain based platform for digital banking and financial services
Whitelist: No
Restrictions: China, Japan, United States
Start Date:18 Nov 2017
End Date:30 Apr 2019
5.9 Finance 18 Nov 2017 30 Apr 2019
Score: 8.9
Connecting Businesses within educational markets
Whitelist: Yes
Start Date:20 Nov 2017
End Date:04 Jul 2018
8.9 Education 20 Nov 2017 04 Jul 2018
A supercomputer in the palm of your hand
Whitelist: No
Start Date:01 Dec 2017
End Date:31 Dec 2150
Wallet 01 Dec 2017 31 Dec 2150
Blockchain based network for tokenized equities
Whitelist: No
Restrictions: Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, USA
Start Date:01 Dec 2017
End Date:31 Dec 2150
Finance 01 Dec 2017 31 Dec 2150
Blockchain based digital investment bank
Whitelist: Yes
Restrictions: Canada, China, Puerto Rico, South Korea, USA, Virgin Islands
Start Date:04 Dec 2017
End Date:01 Apr 2019
Fintech 04 Dec 2017 01 Apr 2019
Score: 7.7
Share button for websites with blockchain profit
Whitelist: Yes
Restrictions: South Korea
Start Date:11 Dec 2017
End Date:31 May 2018
7.7 Marketing 11 Dec 2017 31 May 2018
Score: 7.5
GAMBLICA aims at creating an absolutely transparent international blockchain-based online gambling.
Whitelist: No
Start Date:12 Dec 2017
End Date:01 Aug 2018
7.5 Gambling 12 Dec 2017 01 Aug 2018

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