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Cultivating EOS voter participation

“Patreos is a dapp that lives and breathes on the EOS blockchain. The platform provides a subscription content service where fans can pledge to creators. We believe in a decentralized future, and believe it begins with a way to share content without censorship risk. It also starts with a way to reliably support projects and creators. So, here we are. Patreos gives you decentralized content sharing, subscriptions, pledging, and an inflationary token policy that rewards user actions and participation. The goal is to support people that create value. No more digital censorship. No more deplatforming. No more fees.”


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Use of Token

The Patreos airdrop is meant to be meaningful. We want to send a message. We want to encourage voters, and want them to be rewarded! The security of the EOS network depends on an active and informed citizenry. We hope the Patreos airdrop inspires other dapps to craft incentives for voter participation--and borrow from our airdrop strategy when appropriate.

  • Organization Patreos
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  • Platform EOS
  • Coin Type App Token
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