Aliant partners with BitPay making payment with BTC easier

By connecting with one of the leading payment processing companies, Bitpay is helping increase mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency.

BitPay has announced recently that it will be partnering with Aliant payment systems, an American payment processing company that processes payments for non-profits and organizations such as the Rotary club and The Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Aliant plans on offering its customers with the choice of carrying out transactions through Bitcoin via BitPay. This will increase the mainstream adoption of the bitcoin in the community and will allow merchants to sell and buy using bitcoin(s).

Aliant’s official press release stated that it is one of the first payment processing companies that allows the merchants to accept payment in Bitcoin. Eric Brown, CEO of Aliant payment systems, implied that his company recognizes the value of the blockchain technology and believe that it is the future of online payments. Brown believed that the technology will revolutionize the existing financial paradigm and further stated:

“Aliant is looking to the future of blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency, and we’re excited to bring a Bitcoin solution to our clients. We look forward to showing merchants what Bitcoin can do for online payments and what BitPay is doing for businesses transferring value globally.”

The CEO of BitPay, Stephan Pair stated that this is good news for bitcoin users as they demand a more authentic and secure way to transact with the merchants. He said that the transaction facilities are filled with fraudsters and scammers and this will help the users utilize their bitcoin(s) in a more efficient manner.

The partnership of BitPay and Aliant payment systems is good news for bitcoin users as Aliant has numerous clients in the medical community, which will provide Bitcoin with access into the medical community; opening a sector to it.

This partnership can be viewed as a single step in the overall Bitcoin market. The exorbitant growth observed in bitcoin over the last few months has resulted in more and more payment gateways partnering with companies that sell bitcoin(s) in order to bring bitcoin into the mainstream and allow its owners to buy physical products through secure and efficient transactions.