Alphateca, the first global crypto marketplace, launches ICO

Official launch of the new trading platform Alphateca ( took place in the end of June. At first sight, there are a few differences from other trading platforms. Nevertheless, there are no alternatives in the world, as on Alphateca any user can sell or buy different goods and services anywhere in the world using cryptocurrency. The platform allows you to purchase many items and services in one place. In a few clicks you can find the product you are interested in, immediately contact the seller and make a purchase. No additional fees are added to transactions and no interest is lost in case of international money transfer.  Seller receives cryptocurrency on his wallet in a few minutes, no matter where he is.

The main mission of the Alphateca team is to develop and simplify international online trading based on cryptocurrencies, as we strongly believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are the future of the global financial system.

Right now Alphateca is at the stage of ICO ( .

During the ICO you can buy 7 000 ATEC for 1 ETH and get a bonus depending on the stage, time period and amount. When ICO finishes, ATEC price will be doubled. Thus, if you purchased ATEC for 10 ETH during the first days of ICO, you will receive 87 500 ATEC during the main stage and it will be equal to 25 ETH (or equal to other cryptocurrency) when ICO finishes.

ICO participants get maximum  benefits:

- an ICO participant can use tokens to buy Alphateca services at minimal costs;

- an ICO participant can resell tokens at any moment to other users on Alphateca platform;

- an ICO participant can use tokens to start their own business in the framework of the platform; for example, purchase advertisement spots at minimal price in the tokens and sell it for higher price in cryptocurrency.

Join now and earn with Alphateca.