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Alphateca, the first global crypto marketplace, launches ICO



Official launch of the new trading platform Alphateca ( took place in the end of June. At first sight, there are a few differences from other trading platforms. Nevertheless, there are no alternatives in the world, as on Alphateca any user can sell or buy different goods and services anywhere in the world using cryptocurrency. The platform allows you to purchase many items and services in one place. In a few clicks you can find the product you are interested in, immediately contact the seller and make a purchase. No additional fees are added to transactions and no interest is lost in case of international money transfer.  Seller receives cryptocurrency on his wallet in a few minutes, no matter where he is.

The main mission of the Alphateca team is to develop and simplify international online trading based on cryptocurrencies, as we strongly believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are the future of the global financial system.

Right now Alphateca is at the stage of ICO ( .

During the ICO you can buy 7 000 ATEC for 1 ETH and get a bonus depending on the stage, time period and amount. When ICO finishes, ATEC price will be doubled. Thus, if you purchased ATEC for 10 ETH during the first days of ICO, you will receive 87 500 ATEC during the main stage and it will be equal to 25 ETH (or equal to other cryptocurrency) when ICO finishes.

ICO participants get maximum  benefits:

– an ICO participant can use tokens to buy Alphateca services at minimal costs;

– an ICO participant can resell tokens at any moment to other users on Alphateca platform;

– an ICO participant can use tokens to start their own business in the framework of the platform; for example, purchase advertisement spots at minimal price in the tokens and sell it for higher price in cryptocurrency.

Join now and earn with Alphateca.


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Malta Blockchain Summit

Blockchain Hackathon and ICO Pitching at Malta Blockchain Summit

Press ReleaseOct 15, 2018

In partnership with CryptoFriends, the Malta Blockchain Summit will stage a huge Blockchain Hackathon and two-day ICO pitching session

The global blockchain community will meet again in Malta for the ​Malta Blockchain Summit between November 1st and 2nd. The summit will bring together 5,000 delegates, 100 speakers and 150 partners from all around the world. Speakers and guests at the event are leaders in the fields of finance, technology and innovation and will include individuals like John Mcafee, Mike Butcher, John Matonis to name a few.

In partnership with ​CryptoFriends​, the ​Malta Blockchain Summit​ will host Blockchain Hackathon and two-day ICO pitching session. The ​Malta Blockchain Hackathon​ will be held from October 31st to November 2nd. If you are a developer with your eyes set on making it in the blockchain industry then this is for you. Here is your chance to impress some of the best in the business and to win a 50k prize. Participants can enrol as a team or as individuals; all participating members will be put in teams so that those applying as individuals will be grouped together or assigned to existing teams. The theme of this year’s blockchain hackathon will, for competitive reasons, be announced on the day. Decentralized, as well as distributed solutions, will be considered. For more details and to apply​ click ​here​.

The ​ICO-pitching​ session will be held on November 1st and 2nd and will feature 30 ICO projects. Every selected ICO will get to pitch live (10 minutes) on the grand stage and then face a Q&A session from the official jury members, investors and the audience. For more details and to apply​ ​click here​.

Buy tickets​ ​at a DISCOUNT rate.​ Yes, CryptoFriends has 25% discount for friends and partners. To qualify, use promo code ​CRYPTOFRIENDS​ when making a purchase ​here​.

The summit has been organized with the support of the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat who says:

“​Over previous months the Maltese government has actively thought about how to position Malta as a major hub in terms of a digital economy which will play a central role in the economic sustainability of the years to come. The Maltese government has legislated 3 acts that will provide legal certainty to this space, involving digital financial products and services such as virtual currencies and ICOs. This environment has already attracted towards Malta some of the world’s leading companies that operate cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. Leading stakeholders are choosing Malta to host high-level international events which will pave the way to further investment. One such important event is Malta Blockchain Summit, this November 1st and 2nd. I look forward to meeting you then and together to straighten our ongoing efforts and making Malta The Blockchain Island”.

CryptoFriends​ is a global group of well-connected professionals who are building smart connections in the blockchain space. Every time they organise an event, they search for cool locations, new topics and top speakers. Their events have a unique dynamic and are aimed at creating an ideal environment for networking. Click ​here​ to check out their website to learn about their future events.

The ​Malta Blockchain Summit ​is an international summit that includes a professional expo, panel discussions and events dedicated to the blockchain, innovative technologies, AI, Big Data and the IoT. The event will take place on November 1st and 2nd in Malta and will gather 5,000 delegates from different countries.

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Triphop logo

Influencer marketing takes on crypto with Triphop’s social travel rewards program

Press ReleaseOct 10, 2018

What happens when you combine influencer marketing, top hotels worldwide, and cryptocurrency? You get Triphop, the social travel and rewards platform taking all three sectors to meet the needs of digital nomads everywhere. Triphop is launching a blockchain program that will incentivize hotel guests to share their trips on social media. In return guests will receive benefits ranging from room upgrades to possession of Triphop’s very own token, the Tripcoin.

Triphop claims to reduce commission rates that hotels pay to online travel agencies (OTAs) by encouraging guests to book using the Triphop platform and promote the hotel properties on their social media. They do this by increasing the traffic to the hotel’s own website through the use of its influencer marketing rewards.


Triphop travel influencer program

As a  two-fold solution, Triphop is reducing the high costs of travel intermediaries, for both hotels and guests. As a marketing platform, Triphop measures the social media influence of those booking through it. When a  guest posts on social media they recieve hotel benefits based on their online activity, while increasing marketing and social influence for the hotel itself,improving the travel experience for all guests that book a stay in their chosen location being promoted.

“We noticed that there is a huge problem within the travel industry: hotels are losing profit to online booking platforms, and guests miss out on in-stay benefits when they book through OTAs,” said Basil Elotol, CEO of Triphop Inc. “We also noticed the complexity and lack of value in the existing travel reward programs, so we decided to make it our mission to maximize value for both parties by aligning incentives for both Travelers and Hotels alike.”

Triphop travel influencer program

There is not shortage of blockchain companies claiming to give consumers the best rewards by implementing blockchain technology. Triphop, an already established travel website, sets its mission apart from the others by harnessing the power of influencer marketing, the latest trend in social media.

Personally, I am not sure I have a social media following large enough to receive any worthwhile rewards, but Triphop claims that everyone has the ability to benefit from this new program and will potentially  increase engagement across all of our personal profiles on various platforms. What type of benefits will your racist uncle with 22 facebook friends and a feed full of racist posts receive?

Triphop travel influencer program

Imagine you are planning vacation and you go to check out top-rated hotels to stay in, but decide to check out social media reviews before you officially book. After choosing the perfect place you head out on what hopefully will be the trip of a lifetime, and upon arriving to your chosen hotel you post a smiling selfie in front of the view. For this social share, you subsequently receive a room upgrade, then hit up the poolside bar and rate the atmosphere online, earning you a free drink. Across the pool someone is tipping a poolboy with a tripcoin. Is this the future of travel?

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Are digital sneakers the CryptoKitties of 2019?

Press ReleaseOct 3, 2018

Blockchain technology hit its peak earlier this year, with thousands upon thousands of coins popping up and various applications of the new technology developed. From financial institutions and VCs, to digital exchanges and medtech companies, there was no area untouched by the blockchain.

With blockchain most prominent in the financial and investment world, who would have thought that the rise of this technology would lead to one of the most millennial trends of 2018…digital tradable cats? Just as blockchain can be used to revolutionize some of the most, for lack of a better word, mundane institutions in the world, we’ve also seen a more playful side of this robust technology.

CryptoKitties, the furry tradable cats, were all the rage in 2018, making headlines in various top media. The rise of CryptoKitties shows a shift in society from collecting material objects, such as baseball cards or snowglobes, to collecting the intangible. In such a digital world, it only makes sense that various objects of our daily life are migrating into the virtual world. So what’s next in the digital collectible world?

It seems like Portion, the company putting digital art and collectibles on the blockchain, gives us the answer. The company recently announced the launch of its digital sneaker collection, done in collaboration with snkrINC, a media brand focusing on sneaker culture. Portion and snkrINC will work together with up-and-coming artists, allowing them to express their creativity and individuality by creating custom digital footwear. The sneakers will then be traded on the Ethereum blockchain, and collected by users, similar to how CryptoKitties are traded and shared.

Portion’s first collaborations will be with artists such as StomperHaus and Robb Harskamp, among others. The artists will be able to see their sneaker designs come to life in the digital world, and watch as fans and sneaker aficionados trade and collect them. This is a huge step forward for sneaker culture, which has seen growing popularity over the years. First popularized by Nike with its NIKiED customized shoes, the digital sneakers that Portion is offering gives digital artists, fashion lovers, and sneaker collectors a new way to express their creativity and passion.

Digital Sneaker Collectible on Portion

Before diving into the world of digital sneakers, Portion was founded as a decentralized and digital auction house. The company, which targets millennials, offers users an easy and accessible way to dabble in the art and collectible world, even if it’s something they aren’t familiar with. Portion makes the auction house world fun and less intimidating (don’t picture buttoned up men with gravels in their hand). The company will offer products relevant to a more mainstream audience, such as digital sneakers, allowing a new generation to participate in trading collectibles like never before.  

Portion’s main features include:

  • Transparency like you’ve never seen before – The mere fact that this auction house for collectibles and art sits on the blockchain provides it with a secure and safe infrastructure, guarantees that ownership of goods and payments are transparent.
  • Cryptocurrency payment – Portion will accept cryptocurrency exclusively.
  • Trusted marketplace – Portion is a one of a kind marketplace to buy, sell, and trade art and collectibles.
  • Straight from the source – Portion showcases brands, artists, and creators directly to ensure that all goods are authentic and represented accurately.

Although I’m not exactly sure I’d be interested in owning a digital sneaker just yet, I’m excited to see where Portion goes and what the company has to offer in the upcoming months.

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