Alternatives to discontinued WaveCrest’s bitcoin debit cards

After WaveCrest discontinued its debit card for Bitcoin and altcoins, users can choose from alternatives. These options include epayments, Wagecan, and Worldcore. Epayments is the least expensive and provides the most extensive services.
The start of the year was not too good for the Bitcoin community. WaveCrest, the main provider of bitcoin debit cards, announced that Visa has discontinued support for its debit cards. WaveCrest was the provider to a number of companies that issued the card to their customers. These companies included CryptoPay, BitWala, and Wirex. While it was frustrating to lose WaveCrest as a bitcoin debit card provider, there are other alternatives that exist to remedy the situation for customers.

On a blogpost published on Medium, Gal Reisman conducted an extensive review of the possible alternative. He states that epayment is the best alternative. With epayment, it only takes three days for customers to receive their bitcoin debit cards. Fees for epayment are also quite reasonable, as the company only charges a network fee. Moreover, their exchange rate is also competitive.

Alternative includes Wagecan, which is more expensive. Wagecan charges $250 for the card alone. The company also charges a 2.5%, or a minimum of $3, as a fee for ATM withdrawal. While epayment also charges fees for transactions and other costs, it is still cheaper than Wagecan's fees.

The third option for investors is Worldcore, which offers a virtual prepaid debit card for only $5. The card is charged $0.99 for every top-up. However, the Worldcore virtual card is not available all over the world.

When comparing these three alternatives to WaveCrest, epayment is the best option.
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