Americans can now invest in bitcoin using retirement funds

IRA Bitcoin LLC is offering US citizens the opportunity to use their IRA or 401k retirement funds to invest in cryptocurrencies.
America’s attitude towards bitcoin is complicated. The US Senate wants to regulate the trading of cryptocurrencies and scrutinize the traders. Their stance is understandable, as critics claim that bitcoin is extensively used for laundering money. The anonymity provided by bitcoin can make it difficult to trace illegal purchases or money transfers.

However, the general US population is a fan of bitcoin. In fact, some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Coinbase, currently operate out of US. However, even in the US, many find it confusing and difficult to enter the cryptocurrency market, as traders are regularly scammed by Ponzi schemes.

The deregulated nature of cryptocurrencies and their exchanges is one of the major reasons why fraud is so prevalent in the market. It is important to be able to recognize which are legitimate exchanges and companies that deal with the trading of cryptocurrency.

Invest from retirement funds

IRA Bitcoin LLC is a company which is expanding the horizons of US citizens. Previously, it was next to impossible to invest in cryptocurrency using one's 401K or Individual Retirement Account (IRA) funds. However, IRA Bitcoin LLC provides the US citizens with access to the volatile market of cryptocurrencies through their retirement funds. Both the IRA or 401k retirement saving plans are widely adopted by the US citizens, with all the major employers offering these benefits.

Since 401ks are retirement funds, people usually opt for more conservative investments when it comes to using the money in their account. However, for those who want to gain on the most profitable instrument of 2017 (i.e. cryptocurrencies), then IRA Bitcoin LLC offers the perfect opportunity to do so.

Travis Parker, the COO of IRA Bitcoin LLC, had the following comments regarding their platform:
“People are learning about the potential future growth of alternative currency and the unique advantages available when holding these assets in tax-advantaged retirement accounts.”

IRA Bitcoin LLC plans on partnering with all the major banks and other financial organizations to provide their customers with the best service. Their platform provides a simple yet secure method to invest in cryptocurrencies.

IRA compliant

Mr. Parker explains that in order to make their platform IRA compliant, their pre-approved IRA custodian will have the access to the private keys of the customers. This will ensure transparency that the funds are being dealt with in a fair manner.

He further explained:
"For maximum security and to allow this investment to be IRA eligible our approved IRA Custodian maintains access to the private key of your digital wallet. Our proprietary system allows you to cash out your positions or cross purchase other cryptocurrencies easily and securely, allowing the account to be fully managed at your discretion while simultaneously allowing the IRA custodian necessary oversight of your IRA account.”

Cryptocurrencies have greatly changed the financial industry. Today, IPOs are no longer the hype. Instead, people are more focused on ICOs. Analysts suggest that 2018 will be the year of ICOs and billions of dollars in capital are expected to be raised through them.
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