Zac McClure Zac McClure

Zac McClure had an eclectic career before starting TokenTax. After a 2-year stint in Investment Banking he joined Teach For America where he taught math infused with personal finance and entrepreneurship – two passions that make up the foundation of TokenTax. The company currently works hard to teach clients about advanced tax topics such as accounting methods, tax-loss harvesting, retirement planning and portfolio diversification. Previously Zac also worked for social enterprises in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Madagascar, and India, as well as Social Impact investment firm Imprint Capital, Bain, and Elsevier. He earned an MBA from Wharton, and also holds degrees in International Finance and Accounting from USC.

  • Optimizing your crypto taxes during bear market

    Optimizing your crypto taxes during bear market

    Many crypto traders are wondering why they should even bother filing their crypto taxes, given that all they had were losses for 2018. Unfortunately, it is required by law to do so and if you don’t, you risk being audited by the IRS and paying penalties.