A Unique Book For Crypto Traders and Investors

Digital Assets: Your Guide to Investing and Trading in the New Crypto Market, is written by Jonathan Hobbs, CFA, an investment professional with a wealth of experience in both traditional and digital asset markets.

Cointelligence is a huge advocate of blockchain and crypto investment education. With this in mind, we would like to make you aware of a brand-new book that is set to bring crypto investment further into the mainstream.

Digital Assets: Your Guide to Investing and Trading in the New Crypto Market, is written by Jonathan Hobbs, CFA, an investment professional with a wealth of experience in both traditional and digital asset markets. As with some other crypto books, Digital Assets provides a compelling case for adding bitcoin and crypto to your investment strategy.

So, how is this particular book any different from the rest?

There are a few books out there that answer the "why bitcoin?" question very well. In a world of endless money printing, it makes sense to own a finite digital asset like bitcoin. Hobbs covers this topic in extensive detail through the eyes of a savvy investor. He also provides a solid overview of how the digital asset industry has matured since the “bubble” of 2017.

But where this book truly sets itself apart is in its focus on the "how." After providing an impactful argument for why investors should have crypto exposure, Hobbs dives deeper into several important areas of crypto trading and investing that you are likely to find even more useful. This comes with a major focus on what Hobbs believes to be the most important aspect of crypto trading and investing: risk management.

While it is easy to earn good returns in a strong bull run (such as the one we are in right now), it is infinitely harder to build wealth (or even maintain it) when market conditions are less favourable.

This is where Hobbs’ book really becomes essential to read—in explaining how to manage risk in a market that never sleeps, and not get 'wrecked' by the extreme volatility that crypto trading and investing so often entails.

As Hobbs points out in the book: "if you lose 50 per cent of your portfolio, you need to make 100 per cent to get back to where you started…this problem becomes exponentially worse as losses grow larger."

Hobbs also goes on to explain how large losses can lead to "emotional" investment decisions, which can be seriously detrimental to long-term wealth creation. These emotions are extremely difficult for most people to overcome.

According to Hobbs, "a far easier way to not be driven by your emotions is to build an investment portfolio that is less likely to take massive losses in the first place." Fortunately, the book offers some crucial insights on how to go about doing this.

Of course, the book covers many other vital areas too. This includes simple long-term investment strategies, diversification and portfolio management, DeFi, crypto-relevant technical analysis, long and short futures trading, altcoin trading and investing, as well as an extensive chapter on how to speculate on the bitcoin price or hedge risk by trading bitcoin options.

Once the reader is armed with a menu of tools and tactics for getting crypto exposure, the final chapter brings everything together nicely in a concise, well-rounded, and motivational way.

While the topics covered in the book can be complex at times, Hobbs does a great job of simplifying these so that they make sense to the average person.

About the Author


Jonathan Hobbs is an author, entrepreneur, and former crypto fund manager. Before getting into crypto, he worked at Morgan Stanley, HSBC, and M&G Investments, where he specialised in valuing complex assets. Before writing Digital Assets, he wrote the Crypto Portfolio: A Commonsense Approach to Cryptocurrency Investing.

Hobbs graduated in Finance and Economics from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2006, and he holds the Chartered Financial Analyst ® designation. He strongly believes that nobody can predict the future of financial markets, so he prefers to simplify his investment approach with basic rules and strategies that work well over time.

How to Purchase the Book

Digital Assets is currently available as an eBook on Amazon and Apple iBooks, as well as other major online retailers. It is also set to be released on Google Books in the coming days.

The paperback version is specific to Amazon and is expected to be available shortly after the publication of this announcement.

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