Cocos-BCX Successfully Launched TestNet 1.0 “Gang Rinpoche”

With the arrival of TestNet 1.0 “Gang Renpoche”, Cocos-BCX will be open to global developers and provide them with more sophisticated and localized support.
On June 6, 2019, Cocos-BCX TestNet 1.0“Gang Renpoche”open beta testing was officially launched. During the launching event, Cocos-BCX released the $1 million “TestNet Incentive Program (Phase I)” , updated Technical Documentation 2.0, and Pan-node Ecosystem Program, Developer Program, SDK, Wallet, Browser, DEMO gameetc.

The past half year has seen stable operation of Cocos-BCX Developer Program, and connections established between Cocos-BCX and outstanding developer teams, such as White Matrix and TEAM Joy, who have also joined the Program and maintained sound interactions with Cocos-BCX.

With the arrival of TestNet 1.0 “Gang Renpoche”, Cocos-BCX will be open to global developers and provide them with more sophisticated and localized support.

Cocos-BCX TestNet 1.0

Million-dollar Incentive Program and Pan-node Ecosystem

As stated, Cocos-BCX TestNet 1.0 beta testing brings a $1 million incentive program, of which many are well-designed for developers to participate:

  1. Pan-node Ecosystem. Cocos-BCX welcomes partners who have the will, influence and strength to participate in building the ecosystem. We welcome various partners to compete for TestNet committee nodes, block nodes and nodes for ecosystem building based on their own conditions, and get corresponding rewards in accordance with the different roles. Stay tuned for the detailed rules, we will announce when it’s ready.

In TestNet 1.0, Cocos-BCX sets three kinds of rewards, including:

  1. Voting rewards

  2. Block rewards

  3. Contribution rewards

For contribution rewards, four categories are divided:

  1. Tools, providing tools like wallets, browsers, exchanges, IDEs for different platforms

  2. DApps,such as blockchain game

  3. Communities,establishing developer or investor communities for projects

  4. Contents, outputting project-related text, pictures and videos.

Developers can get TestNet COCOS when participating in Pan-node Program, enabling participants to enjoy profits.

  1. Bounty Program. Bounty hub is a community operational tool provided by Cocos-BCX to incentivize users through COCOS candies or prize pool.

Compared with Pan-node Program, Bounty is more suitable for individuals and source-limited developer teams to get corresponding incentives from daily tasks and bug bounty.

COCOS Bug Bounty Program will be released first to invite global developers to participate in public chain security program. While improving Cocos-BCX public chain, developers can also get up to 2 million COCOS as rewards according to the severity of the bug after identifying bugs and submitting forms.

We expect to make our career greater to push blockchian gaming industry forward together with developers.

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  1. Release technical documentation 2.0 and continue to open source demo products

With the launch of public beta testing, Cocos-BCX updated the technical documentation to 2.0, released and open sourced our demo on-chain products gradually.

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As a User Guide of Cocos-BCX, we reorganizes the logic and enriches the content of technical documentation 2.0, including node launch, economic system, SDK and DApp development examples, as well as adds more examples to help developers get started with Cocos-BCX public chain.

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After releasing technical documentation 2.0, Cocos-BCX launched three kinds of wallets, including mobile CocosWallet, PC CocosDesktop and browser plugin CocosPay. In addition to supporting basic functions of wallets and DApp callback, the three wallets are also regarded as reference for developing wallets on Cocos-BCX public chain.

Cocos-BCX open sourced JS SDK, Android SDK and iOS SDK, which are provided by Cocos-BCX to support interaction with blockchain, and to assist in development of wallet tools and DApps on Cocos-BCX public chain, enabling developers to focus on code development for other functional requirements.

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Technical Support & Contact Us

Cocos-BCX prepares exclusive space and technical call service for Developer Program to facilitate better communication with developers.

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