Blockchain Africa Conference – Cape Town

  • Start date

    06 March '19
  • End date

    06 March '19
  • Location

    Cape Town, South Africa
The conference in Cape Town will focus on how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for economic growth and social inclusion by enabling and broadening access to a wide range of financial services, critical to the long-term reduction in poverty and achievement of economic growth in Africa.

Speakers will explore how this technology can be used for innovative social projects in areas such as decentralised and cloud services for healthcare support, patient records, identity, renewable energy, remittances, community currencies, provision and distribution of aid and support, decentralised business models and a global cryptocurrency economy. Discussions will include current challenges with technology infrastructure and regulatory frameworks in order to achieve these goals.

The conference will explore how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can enable and lay the groundwork for a sustainable, distributed, and shared future.