BlockSec Conference 2020

  • Start date

    17 September '20
  • End date

    17 September '20
  • Location

    Atlanta, GA

BlockSec Conference (BSC) organizes the premier Web 3.0 cybersecurity in the Northern Hemisphere on September 16-17, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, where we explore consumer and enterprise blockchain & cybersecurity solutions in-depth. This two-day experience brings together professionals and businesses redefining the global cybersecurity industry, particularly in blockchain, biometrics, and artificial intelligence or better known as "Web 3.0".


Starting with an opening ceremony in the heart of Atlanta, the Conference takes place in the four-star Westin Peachtree Plaza. We are shining a light on this emerging industry, while taking a unique and widening perspective on the impact of this 4th Industrial Revolution on our digital security.


Join us along with 1000+ other professionals, businesses, and investors from across the globe to partake in this two-day journey in Atlanta.


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